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1d15 Random Encounters Table of The Astral Raiders Of The Deep Astral & The Old Solar System For Your Old School Campaigns

Deep in the Astral seas & spaces two groups fight over the bounty of local quantum eddies & space warps in the outer skein of creation. Tons of space debris & asteroids tumble into the local astral space from our solar system offering raw materials that  The Astral Raiders shape & mine for their colonies. The  flotsam & jetsom of the Astral becomes the bounty for their society, colonies, & is used to create their own ether ships.

There are other far more greedy alien eyes then these however in the deep astral. The Mi Go seek many of the semi precious ores for their own nefarious & insane purposes. The wars between these two species has been legendary & thousands of dead corpses from both sides litter the astral. Ever on guard with their crystal swords & their unique spells such as astral tether. 
The raiders spend years coring out rooms, galleries, & entire cities from these asteroids to create their legendary colony ether ships. Organs, flesh, & more from ancient giants, demons, gods, & monsters that have been prisoners for untold eons are harvested to serve the alien purposes of the raiders & create the strange control & propulsion systems for these ether asteroid ships. Some of these are miles long and hold thousands of the raiders peoples, these are the targets for the Mi Go shock troopers who raid the asteroid ships for brains, weird alien semi precious alien fuels & minerals.

The Mi Go are prime opportunistic beings of the highest order although alien & twisted as insane things who serve lesser god things & beings of the Outer Void are. They take full advantage of any ether ships they come across setting their assault swarms to attack, raid, and sack any astral ships they find. The Astral Raiders have responded with a chess like war strategy of move & counter move over the eons sacking astral Mi Go bases where & when they find them. There  has been thousands of years of cold & hot astral bush fire wars over the centuries.
To this end there are millions of astral raider colony & ether ship ruins floating in the void of astral space waiting for adventurers and others to explore their remains for relics & treasures.

1d15 Random Astral Raiders Ether Ship Encounters Table 
  1. The burnt remains of a former colony ship of the astral raiders now the home to a few scattered colonists. The place holds machinery worth 60,000 gold pieces for air, food, and water creation but the struggling colonists are currently unaware of the treasure they sit on. 
  2. A fully functioning temple to the undead goddess of the Astral Raiders which will offer healing, lodging, etc for a small donation of 5 pints of blood and breath. The place also can train PC's in the healing arts. 
  3. The ruins of a raiding ship which is floating derelict in the void, it is home to 6 dangerous astral parasites and their hosts. There is artwork and relics worth 7000 gold pieces here for the taking. 
  4. A small ship is covered in astral fungus & it will infect anyone approaching the thing if it can. The whole ship is part of an alien fungal hive mind. 
  5. This astral raider ruin is the home to an active green dragon of exceptionally nasty personality that conducts raids on a nearby Mi Go hive on behalf of his astral raider employers. She could use any help offered and will split treasure that is taken she hardly needs any and is a dangerous wizard in her own right named Yarggautth 
  6. This ruin is actually a human trading post run by a lich who trades in alien relics & information. He is lost in his own time & space continuum & has its protracted war with the Mi Go. He offers 70% trade for certain relics of a Yithian nature. 
  7. A mercenary E.D.D.Y cyborg unit named Charles that is a 6th level scout for a group of technologically oriented astral raiders. It moves across the plane on a rig of its own design. It is a dangerous, humorous beast that loves the ichor of the Mi Go. They hate this thing with a dangerous passion. The feeling is mutual. It will trade information and violence for its cause. 
  8. Mi Go trap, this rich relic ether ship looks fantastic but its far too good to be true. There are 1d10 Mi Go warriors who are in stasis and will swarm out deploying a nano weapon which a save or die dissembler plague. Only a cure light spell will halt this horror. There are 20,000 Mi Go relics that can be re purposed by wizards familiar with the biological/organic technologies of the Mi-Go. 
  9. A dead ether spins in the void and has nothing. 
  10. Sealed in crystal is a spawn of Cthulhu locked in its own tomb until the stars are right again. 
  11. Demons of Saturn hunt the astral for the souls of any raiders they can find. They are armed with forks and shields. Ice wands hand from their right flanks with 1d10. 
  12. A black slave ship of the Moon Things plies its way through the astral silently on its way to the black side of the Earth's Moon's astral reflection. 
  13. There are strange glowing rocks from another universe moving across the astral currents sub quantum straits. Save vs wands or suffer a polymorph effect. These rocks are worth 7000 to a wizard as ingredients for a polymorph potion or 1d20. 
  14. 1d10 astral hags come in for the attack! They want the souls of victims to trade their sisters in the astral Gloom overlap in one of the many floating trade posts where the demons and worse trade the souls of others! 
  15. 1d20 astral raider asteroid ships on the raid! There will be 1d200 warriors aboard along with their women warriors and young apprentices who are learning the arts of violence & spiritual violence of their people! 

God walks lightly in the gardens of a cold, dark star,
Knowing not the dust that gathers in His garments' fold;
God signs Him with the clay, marks Him with the mould,
Walking in the fields unsunned of a sad, lost war,
In a star long cold.
God treads brightly where the bones of unknown things lie,
Pale with His splendor as the frost in a moon-bleached place;
God sees the tombs by the light of His face,
He shudders at the runes writ thereon, and His shadow on the sky
Shudders hugely in space.
God talks briefly with His armies of the tomb-born worm,
God holds parley with the grey worm and pale, avid moth:
Their mouths have eaten all, but the worm is wroth
With a dark hunger still, and he murmurs harm
With the murmuring moth.
God turns Him heavenward in haste from a death-dark star,
But His robes are assoil├Ęd by the dust of unknown things dead;
The grey worm follows creeping, and the pale moth has fed
Couched in a secret golden fold of His broad-trained cimar
Like a doom unsaid.
After Armageddon by Clark Ashton Smith

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