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1d7 Random Lovecraftian Outer Void Asteroid Adventure Locations Table For Your Old School Campaigns

When the 'Word' was spoken & the ninth & tenth planets were shattered into the asteroid field in the solar system there were places that survived. Ancient treasure vaults that should never be found. As mankind and the near  humans races expand into the nearby some of these places will be uncovered & nothing will ever be the same again.

The beings of a dying elder world, wise with the ultimate secrets, had looked ahead for a new world and species wherein they might have long life; and had sent their minds en masse into that future race best adapted to house them – the cone-shaped beings that peopled our earth a billion years ago.
— H. P. Lovecraft, "The Shadow Out of Time"
1d7 Random Lovecraftian Outer Void Asteroid Adventure Locations Table

  1. Ngothu-ghott'ru- An Elder Thing Shoggoth development location that is now a living asteroid ecology disguised as merely another asteroid. The organism has been collecting & cataloging life forms for millions of years and even a small sample of it is worth hundreds of thousands of gold pieces but the price is very high. There is also a quite insane Elder Thing brain at its center capable of ripping an ape brain of a human to shreds.
  2. P'sachabot' Lar- A lair for a library of Yithinan wisdom the place is guarded by swarms of nanite Cifal monsters will tear apart ships and adventurers with easy. There are twelve ether power stations here for a Yithian time space gate which presents some very dangerous possibilities. Treasure type F is here but why is unknown.
  3. Ranra- Remains of a Deep One statue depicting an unknown god and covered with future prophecies of the Earth. There are 1d100 black magick spells carved over its surface and the whole affair feels like the flesh of some living creature. The thing is guarded by space undead dwelling hook horrors made from the skeletal remains of past adventurers
  4. Thola- An abandoned Mi Go mine that hasn't seen use in thousands of years or so it seems. There is a large hive in the center of the asteroid. There are over a million brain cylinders working in conjunction but won't come on line until someone enters the mine and other other side of the asteroid is a particle beam weapon of unknown design & perhaps mining purpose.
  5. Zak-elaq- A Hyperborean asteroid ship that has been flash frozen with all hands on board and there is giant claw print with an elder sign straight across the thing. There is type F treasure aboard but the whole place has demons of Saturn who have come to eat and feast on the souls of those aboard. There is a working Hyperborean space engine and several metal forbidden books of ancient magick on board as well.
  6. Zhalzhath- This was a temple of the Elder Things and the place is still guarded by 1d20 shoggoths in suspended animation. There are several puppet proto species of creature aboard this asteroid ruin and lots of weird biological constructs that seem based on Mimic bio technologies.
  7. Ot'augt- The last resting place of an Atlantean princess who is actually a demonically possessed lich queen surrounded by a royal court. She is a servant of Cthulhu & Tsaquaga & is waiting for the stars to be right once again. She has some treasure type G & H in her temple/crypt palace locations

    Bleak is the night and long
    While slumber waits apart,
    Refusing this lone heart,
    These lips forlorn of song.
    Deep is the night and slow
    Whose gulf obscurely swarms
    Mad, somber, faceless forms,
    Blind masks of bale and woe.
    The moon's late-risen ray
    Through paling panes is shed. . . .
    From dreams uncomforted
    I rouse before the day.
    Now, ere the morning break,
    Would that my head found rest
    Upon thy halcyon breast
    To sleep, and not to wake.

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