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1d6 Random Major Lovecraftian Treasures of the Old Solar System Table

Deep in the whirling Boreas winds there are thousands of bits and pieces of debris that comes from the far reaches of the blackness of space. Reminds of other worlds from beyond the black void of space itself. These things fall to the hills and hidden places of the world where they take on a life of their own. Some of these items carry with them the taint of ages and chaos. They are dangerous and horrid in ways that are weird & dangerously ironically  strange. These treasures  lead their owners to fates that are best left to the imaginations of the insane.

Finding one of these items might be a major turning point in a campaign for they're sinks of fate and divine providence themselves. There will be 1d6 minor factions going after these items within a campaign and all of them will be very dangerous. Some of these items will have 1d8 or more powers listed in the first edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragon's Dungeon Master's Guide

Many of these treasures have been lost out near Jupiter & the outer worlds of the solar system. They are capable of great evil if left unchecked. These artifacts often have their own agenda and a specialist black wizard costing up to 50,000 gold pieces must be consulted before even accessing their powers. Lovecraftian cults will stop at nothing for acquiring these treasures. Wizards & assassins are least of the PC's problems if they stumble upon these items.

1d6 Random Major Treasures of the Old Solar System Table 
  1. A strange red and yellow gold crown and chain combination that is actually a crown of command with thousands of Great Race of Yith signs & symbols. The chain allows the thing to move across dimensions and rumors have it that the entire assembly allowed the owner to see across time and space. The crown is actually a conduit to the minds of the Great Races's super scientists! 200,000
  2. Rings and whirls are writ all across this strange lead and gold bracelet that will not fit a single human hand or arm. It is said to have been an artifact of the Elder Things and the owner of this bracelet will feel the telepathic weight of the original owners. The owner may once per day access the alien telepathic mind's data pool for true insight into the race's collective racial memory. Worth 700,000 gold pieces
  3. A jeweled brain cylinder belonging to Mi Go which houses the mind of an ancient evil queen of ancient Atlantis within its confines. The brain belongs to an ancient queen of Mu. The thing is resistant to mankind's dreams and telepathic probes. The brain is a psychic of at least the fourth power enabling 1d8 powers of a mentalist to be present within it. The brain has its own agenda.It  will try to possess one of the PC's & trap them within its jeweled brain cylinder. The cylinder is worth 600,660 gold pieces. 
  4. A piece of a Great Race of Yith's time machine that seems inert and dead. That is until one of the PC's picks it up. The machine is still in operation just not in the the local space time.This piece is a super string circuit piece of machine that will move both the mind and body of anyone with a 20 foot radius into a another local alternative dimension where 1d8 members of the Great Race are holding an on going experiment. They will immediately try to capture and mind switch with the PC's then return to the campaign world. However the piece of machine can be handled with lead gloves & its powers accessed via the signs & symbols on its surface.
  5. Ring of the Great One - This strange yellow & blue golden ring is twice the size of a human hand and allows the owner to stand outside of the local space time continuum. They can see & access the local astral plane, there 1d8 'secret chief's' await them to transport their mind to beginning of time for true cosmic awareness. They must avoid the hounds of Yrir'ti who hunt and slay these beings, they work for a very dangerous aspect of Hastur. The ring is worth 400,000 gold and his been lost since the fall of Atlantis. 
  6. Ark of the Elder Things - This strange yellow & ruby cask is worth 700,00 gold pieces and contains within it the first of the weaponized shoggoths whose mind was too powerful. The thing has access to 1d6 black magick spells and 1d8 Mentalist powers but its consciousness is stunted. It needs another mind to access the higher realms of consciousness. But the thing has an insane hunger for murder, conquest, and baser alien needs of an incredibly warped nature. The ark was used to transform and terraform lesser worldlets out near Jupiter.

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