Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Eyes of Satan aka The Elder Thing Essence Eyes For Your Old School Campaigns

    Once the Elder Thing essence body jumps it leaves behind its corruption in the host body of its former victim. The eyes may be the window to the soul but these horrors beyond imaging leave some of their corruption & insanity in the corpses of their victims. The terror & corruption of the toad-god Tsathoggua is captured inside the souls of these monsters and spreads through the windows of the souls themselves.

    The eyes of the essences victims retain the visions of all the horrors that the monster has seen & experienced. They float in the eye's fluid surfacing and sinking back into the alien horror's ocular organs. There will incredible secrets and hidden alien truths of the universe waiting to corrupt all who view these discarded organs. They are worth between 60,000 to 90,000 gold pieces each to certain alien alchemists & black wizards. These often mount the eyes into glass globes with a preservative liquid & then a light source is cast behind them to show the procession of forbidden ages of the monster has lived through. A wisdom check must be made for every 1d6 months of using the eyes to ensure the sanity of the wizard or cleric using them doesn't degrade too far.
    Random 'What Have We Seen
    In The Eyes of Satan?' Table

    1. The true face of the horror that Elder Things worshiped and created life on Earth from! You will be stunned for 1d6 days with the dread cosmic horrors of it all but gain two new black magic spells.
    2.The prehistoric primeval world is rife with terror as you see a shoggoth in all its glory feeding on a dinosaur's corpse sucking and oozing all of the gore and weirdness of it!
    3.You see the true face of a Lovecraftian god! Pass out unless a save vs fear is made. You gain a cosmic insight and go up by two wisdom points but fear grips you for weeks afterward.
    4. Around you are dozens of Mi Go warriors which you mow down with a strange bio mechanical god weapon of weird design, its constructional formula floods your human ape brain and you are stunned for 1d4 rounds with the cosmic insights but gain a point of intelligence.
    5. A time space vortex opens infront of you as the ape thing at your feet pleads for its life but you toss it into the void for the Outer God to devour its soul. Suddenly the alien mind of the key and gate reveal a horrid cosmic truth and you gain 1d4 black magic spells.
    6. A serpent man ruin stands around you and for a moment you can read the heady runes of the great serpent gods and have a brief understanding of the cosmic serpent and for a time can teleport 1d4 light years.
    7. The cursed Yithians tower before you with their electric guns but you are quicker with a spell that does 1d8 points of damage to them in a 20 foot radius and now in the fragile human frame you might cast it again.
    8. This orb contains the minds of countless Elder Things and you are going to transfer their souls forward in time. You know the sanity bending ways of time travel but pass out from the terrible revelations.
    9. You see above you the horror of the monster priests of Cthulhu but you are chanting and chanting to some ancient horror beyond imagining to banish them. You know the chant of unmaking and may for 1d6 days banish any Mythos creature.
    10. Your mind is filled with the summoning and command words of the Shoggoths use these things wisely.
    11. The great cosmic truths of Delgar are yours for a time and you can summon the formless ones under the Earth and beyond the stars themselves. Summon Formless Spawn is a spell in your mind today.
    12. The sign of twelve insanities cross over your tongue and for the next 1d6 hours you can create a symbol of insanity.
    13. You know the secret words of command built into the dinosaur's genetic structure.
    14. Before you is the treasure of the Elder Things and all you hear is the screams of the insane but those are your screams. Can you still recall what it was that was so valuable?
    15. You know the location of the mother of all Shoggoths & what lies in the Outer Void. Gain 3 points of intelligence but can you stop screaming because of the dread cosmic revelations?

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