Sunday, July 23, 2017

High Weirdness, Ghostly Action, & Sword & Sorcery Strangeess - An Actual Play Report For Tegel Manor

So during tonight's Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea game the PC's got into Tegel Manor through the kitchen after avoiding a garden full of vampire vines & the machinations of the manor's malevolent personality.
The PC's were guided to the manor by another member of the Rump clan one of the many illegitimate children who serve the family as one of the lower tier grounds keepers & gardeners. The PC's followed him up to the lower portion of the gardens just after the house appeared just after sunrise. Up the trails the PC's followed a bunch of tracks of some mysterious chained prisoners who were dragged to up to the grounds for a slave auction. There were rumors for weeks about prisoners & smuggling going on in the village. The PC's had fought members of the local Tsathoggua cult. Things were a bit dicey at best for a while.
Down by the beach below the house there were a good number of long boat landing craft perfect for picking up smuggling contraband and slaves. The PC's also spotted a ship anchored on the horizon that appeared to be waiting for the return of the boats. They made short work of them by drilling holes in them & sabotaging equipment.

The prisoners were led up the service road to the manor & the PC's followed, then up the garden path, then a switch back path into the gardens were they encountered the vampire vines and the remains of a member of the other adventuring party who was hanging from the vines. The PC's shuddered as it became apparent that the corpse had been there a while. Scouting the back kitchen  entrance the PC's managed to fight off a couple of  of the staff cooks.

Apparition (Russ Nicholson, Fiend Folio, TSR, 1981)

The PC's avoided the various strange offerings in the kitchen and the giant rats in the kitchen area munching on some bones of some skeletons of past adventurers. Several things happened as the adventurers were going into the kitchen and then into the dining room past the giant rats.

  • There was a hidden prison room behind the wall unit  where a were bear was being tortured by some haunted chains.
  • These chains almost took out the party but they were able to rescue the bear. 
  • The chains really gave the party a hard time and the dragged the lycanthrope warrior out of the house. They were able to stabilize him.  
The were bear was another fellow adventurer & member of  Sir Tristan's group. 
The players are definitely afraid of Tegel Manor & its weirdness. I've spun a bit of the original Pirates of the Caribbean ride from Disney into the mix. Yes a good dose of the non PC ride was thrown into last night's plot. For the moment our party of heroes is camped outside of the manor proper.
They have n
o idea of the high weirdness that awaits them inside of the bowels of the house proper. A good of the haunted qualities of the adventure as on the fly tool kit added to the fun of last night's events. All in all it was a lot of fun and old school strangeness.

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