Tuesday, July 25, 2017

OSR Commentary - The Disney Marvel OSR Campaign Method

So over the past couple of months like everyone else I've been following Disney/Marvel's handling of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as it effectively been called. So Thor Ragnarok second trailer hit the internet wilds yesterday. Now something interesting has been risen among the ashes of the various bits and pieces of the whole hot steaming advertising & marketing mess of a campaign that Disney has been plugging. Let's watch the latest trailer for a moment. I'll wait for you folks.

But for months we had hints that were were being set up for a whole range of MCU related call backs of the same type we've seen in old school games table top games adventures. A call back by the way is the sprinkling in of elements from one adventure into another so that you can link up both adventures some months or even years later.  Like the getting together of Thor & Dr.Strange in the post credits scene of Dr.Strange a couple of months ago.

Well there's more to this then just that folks, Thor Ragnorok effectively puts together a team that comic fans have been seeing for years. Yeah their almost all there and like a good DM Marvel has been teasing and dealing out just enough clues and call backs for years now. Its a really good marketing & advertising campaign. But what they've done is put together enough of the powerhouses not to make team Thor but to make the Defenders.

 This blog entry isn't an attempt to violate the trademarks or copyrights of  Disney or Marvel comics or the Marvel Cinematic universe in anyway. This blog entry is for educational and entertainment purposes. None of the role playing game systems mentioned in the article are responsible for the content and ideas of this blog which are the property of the writer whose warped opinion as a fan fuels this blog.

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