Thursday, July 6, 2017

New Magic Item The Rod Of Vulthoom For Your Old School Campaigns

'Now you will tell me everything you know about who placed that bounty on our heads.' Hashic Vro Tholian occultist asked his prisoner rather politely.
'Oh I see you think you have some sort of choice in the matter do you chaos scum?'
'What speak up I can't understand you.. yet' 
'You see there are molecule thin plant life right now working into that corrupt brain of yours. And any minute my master will have plucked the answer right from between your thoughts in that idle piece of grey matter' 
'Can we please get on with it?!' 'Rel The Strong' the mercenary Martian warrior kicked at the red dirt. 
Two moments later the chaos scum that only moments before was trying to murder them was telling them all of its secrets in the cool Martian evening. 

The Rod Of Vulthoom is a rather insidious amalgamation of super science & Martian sorcery made from a rod of pure erogonite. On either end of the rod are two short crystals made from the leavings of
Vulthoom. They have been enchanted with a bit of the Martian god's transcosmic magic consciousness. Five times per day the wand can cast an entangle spell on its target or wall of thorns. But then the target must make a save vs wands or the vines will begin extending molecule thin nerve like vines into the target's brain. The victim must save vs death or answer any five questions the caster asks as the god shuffles the consciousness of the victim around like the items in ones pockets.
 The rod may also cast three times per day a magic missile spell but this disrupts the abilities of the entangle or wall of thorns abilities causing them to be used only once instead. The wand is worth a cool 80,000 gold pieces to the right collector and the secrets to its construction found in the
The 'Vulth' russ'.

There are rumors that the Thoth Valley of Dreams city still hold the secrets to the construction of these blending of super science & sorcery objects.

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