Thursday, July 20, 2017

1d15 Random Finds Inside The Astronaut's Skull Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Sometimes adventurers & outlaws run across some surprising finds out in the wastelands of Old Earth & Mars. There are the unfortunate souls who cross times, dimensions, & spaces as they venture into space & the Outer Void. The corpses of these 'victims of circumstance' often have fallen afield of disaster or misadventure having sometimes very surprising items or finds inside their skulls.

Capsules, space craft, weird astral ether craft and more can all be found out in the wastelands of old Earth or even in wild back country of old Mars. Adventurers are advised to use extreme caution when searching these finds.

1d15 Random Finds Inside The Astronaut's Skull Table 
  1. 1d10 emeralds worth over 60,000 gold pieces wrapped around with a preserved alien worm. The corpse is perfectly preserved & there is a 60% that its an undead zombie horror. 
  2. The astronaut is actually an android from the Delos corporation 1979 model from an alternative universe worth 6000 gold pieces to the right collector. 
  3. A small stone table with a fetish image of Cthulhu and his star spawn. Not worth anything except a 100 gold pieces to a wizard 
  4. Small miniature tape recorder containing the  last message to the Earth from the last president of the United States. Worth 70,000 pieces to the right collectors. 
  5. A face hugger waiting to spring on some unsuspecting fool! Worth 60,000 gold pieces to the right wizard or corporate weapons division. 
  6. A flawless diamond containing a miniature human brain with lots of weird bio wire coming from the bottom of the diamond. Worth about 90,000 gold pieces to a necromancer or black wizard. 
  7. A sentinel sphere monster! Run or it will slice you up! 
  8. Weird miniature spell book of black magick only can be read of a certain blood lines. 
  9. Miniature model of Three Mile Island nuclear facility
  10. The  declaration of independence; worth 900 gold pieces to the right collectors of historical documents 
  11. A single disk of ivory with all the known works of William Shakespeare, this piece is worth about 9000 gold pieces because of the rarity of this item. 
  12. A small ivory statue of the Great Old One   Tsathoggua whose image is worth 1000 gold pieces to the right worshiper/ collector 
  13. A gatherx worm surrounding the back brain tissue that loves to make his victims sing its praises
  14. A small +2 folding pocket knife that has strange glyph worked into the blade. The thing is worth 800 gold pieces to a wizard. 
  15.  A map of a nearby but undiscovered ruin and the cache of stuff of the Ancients hid away. The map is clear and concise

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