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Another 1d5 Random Strange & Twisted Dungeon Locations Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are ruins & twisted locations that that have slipped down between the cracks of reality into their own dark and twisted Hells of their own making. They wander across the dimensions under their own power taking adventurers and lives as they want. These places have an agenda all of their own & love to take the souls of those whose egos & reputation attract their attention.

Adventurers who travel between places and times may hear 1d6 rumors or whispered legends about this place  or that place of legend. They might be drawn to the chatter in a local watering hole or tavern. There could be 1d3 minor relics or treasures to draw the attention of adventurers in pawn shops or certain forbidden market places. The legend of these places wealth seems to grow with each telling.
Most horrible of all sights are the little unpainted wooden houses remote from travelled ways, usually squatted upon some damp grassy slope or leaning against some gigantic outcropping of rock. Two hundred years and more they have leaned or squatted there, while the vines have crawled and the trees have swelled and spread. They are almost hidden now in lawless luxuriances of green and guardian shrouds of shadow; but the small-paned windows still stare shockingly, as if blinking through a lethal stupor which wards off madness by dulling the memory of unutterable things."The Picture in the House"
HP Lovecraf

Another 1d5 Random Strange & Twisted Dungeon Locations Encounter Table 
  1. Morotundur - A former strong hold of the Atlantis empire this place had all of its occupants slaughtered by demons and their souls eaten. This was a result of an ancient object that was held in the dungeons below the place. There is a demon of law  spirit bound within the stones that hold the place together with the souls of anyone it captures using them as fodder for its power. There is 1d20 minor object of power which have been dropped by adventurers over the centuries here.
  2. Rincazgu -The so called castle of lust that holds the souls of some forty six vampire lords and their attendants. This place was once the ancient court and repository for the royal vampire lords and ladies throughout the centuries but the death of one innocent girl cursed the place to Astral winds and now it wanders eternity taking anyone it can to satisfy it blood lust and perverse ironic twisted magicks.
  3. Detungl - The residence of the Lord of the Purple Fools, this place holds the promise of an evil and very foolish god of chaos who challenged the mad  satirist gods. They cursed the fool and trapped him within this place's walls. He or it now wanders the planes eating the souls with promises of hidden treasures and relics.
  4. Kongorgl- The abode of the last saint of  Ubbo-Sathla who can no longer retain its own shape and so its existence has shattered the local time and space continuum. The whole place shimmers and shakes as the violence of its existence causes it to constantly fade and become 'real'. There are treasures of this place that come up on the auction block from time to time renewing interest in this location.
  5. Lulronturth - The so called spawning ground of the ancient lords, this former castle is now ruins but below the place are under ground ruins that were once the prison for the damned soul of a wizard of very high undead status. The thing fed on so many people that the gods cursed the place right out of existence. Wandering the planes has the advantage of the owners of this place setting their own agendas of good evil. There are many souls sold to the demonic owners of the place. There are actually 1d8 legendary monsters wander the halls of this ancient pile of old school goodness.
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