Monday, January 18, 2016

New Print Edition Of Warriors of The Red Planet Released & Reviewed Along With A New 1d6 Random Planetary Adventure Location Table

Billed as a game of classic pulp, of “Sword & Planet” science-fantasy. "If your tastes run towards flashing swords and pistols against a backdrop of alien vistas, soaring airships, and lost civilizations on far-away worlds then this is the game for you."I got my copy of the latest incarnation of Warriors of The Red Planet in email from a good friend. This edition has number of improvements including expanded adventure options, higher page count, and few system tweaks. I actually like the game a bit better then White Star which this retroclone  system will work with. There are Four PC classes : Fighting Man, Scoundrel, Mentalist, and Scientist. As well the optional Sorcerer of the Black Gate ( a sort of Conan sword and sorcery homage with a good bit of Jack Vance thrown in).
There are also four races as well : Human, Exotic (natives roll once for color, once for distinguishing trait such as plant based, four armed, and more.)Unliving, Ancients, And Elevated (Uplifted beasts)  and you have the opportunity for sword and planet adventure.
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The game clocks in a slightly smaller page count then the beta version which I have in print, that's fine with me because the options for PC's have expanded greatly and yet have been wrapped around a more solid PC generation core in the OD&D style. I notice the 'Rules For Fantastic Adventures set on Other Planets' is right on the front cover. So not unlike Edgar Rice Burroughs works this is not a game that simply limited to one planet but has expand to a whole host of adventure setting on other planetary locations. Here's what was changed in the new edition; re-layed out in classic "original edition" style, edited with feedback from players.
more complete combat tables & slightly expanded, updated Scoundrel "skills", and  over 50 new illustrations in the old school tradition.

Some of the old favorites from the beta rules are still there such as the Sorcerers of the Black Gate, there has been an expansion of monsters and lots of tightening of certain system but nothing that's egregious or pandering in any way, shape, or form. This is a game where the DM can DYI the heck out of the system to create consistent worlds and well thought out Gygaxian or Moore dungeon eco systems on a planetary or interstellar scale.

While Warriors of the Red Planet borrows liberally from Edgar Rice Burroughs, he is not the only author raided from there are countless other science fiction and fantasy authors that form the Appendix N that Warriors dips into for inspiration. And yes the authors do take these fictions into account to form their own well researched and thought out list of science fiction and fantasy material. This material comes in handy for the large and expansive ship to ship anti gravity and sail barge style rules. These are not only welcome but their needed given the war gaming roots of the material.

Right in the introduction of the game we are given a whole mantra for this game;"While not literally based on the Martian, Venusian, or other Sword & Planet works of Burroughs, Moorcock, Kline, Norman, and others, it is intended to evoke these worlds, as well as the “style” presented in them. In the original
works of Burroughs, for instance, no race, creature, or device was too fantastic. Heroic men and women struggled against devious warlords and mad Scientists, and against the ravages of time eroding the frayed edges of their civilizations"
And yes it lives up to this in spades, the game is well thought out and put together like a tight running intergalactic watch. . I like the fact that it's not super specific to Burroughs' stories, too, but includes flavor to support the stories of Brackett and Moorcock, for example. He's truly done a great job.
Let me put this another way, I believe in this game so much that the other half ordered it today for me from Lulu. Now tell me that this piece of artwork doesn't stir your soul for a game of Martian underworld crawling!

So in the end do I think that you should grab a copy of this game? Yes, yes, I do actually and I think it builds on and does a great job of taking PC's into a well constructed and solid gaming system based on OD&D and Swords & Wizardry with enough twists to make a nice addition to any old school or DM's toolbox!

1d6 Random Planetary Adventure Location Table

  1. The Tower of Phlongogoiq was once the home to a cult of ancient demon worshipers from another plane who came here to escape the destruction of their world. They've left the relics and treasures behind after leaving the bonds of flesh and this world. But legends speak of them leaving behind their sins as well to guard this place against interlopers such as us. Dare you seek the tower?
  2. Skrar was once a space port for the ancient humans but it is deserted now, desert pirates and outlaws avoid the place but there is rumors of treasure and metal men there now. Skrar is a name whispers to scare children but my cousin on my egg mother's side pulled a fist sized ruby from the place.
  3. The Temple of Thotha-nyiggU'ggoggaekeh is long deserted after the flesh beasts ate their worshipers but they are long gone now and only a few token monsters remain to bedevil adventurers. Are you ready to brave the demons and foul things from the underworld said to haunt the place?
  4. Imotungulali is a place of the space gods and is haunted by alien spirits from beyond our own plane. Dare you come with me to grab its treasures and the rare herbs that grow from alien corpses in its hall? There are rumors of entrances to the underworld there where the dead come to feast on the living. Who wants to live forever!
  5. Kodrg's fields are where the old gods came from the stars, the desert fields are littered with the debris of a thousand worlds and occasionally energy crystals worth thousands can be found scattered to the four winds there growing for any man to take. What do you mean you heard the place was haunted by Banths and other less nameable things. Next you will want to avoid the underground temples too.
  6. Meglkagi's Folly was an intergalactic star liner and now is a place haunted by the horrors from beyond the stars but it still contains the technology and relics from a million worlds on board and no man knows what may be pulled out from the place. What do you mean the six armed green warriors kill anyone caught trespassing there and they torture anyone caught there. Are a fool there is plenty of treasure for all.

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