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1d6 Random Encounters With Ancient Undead Heroes and Adventurers Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are ancient undead spirits whose will and attachment to life are so powerful that they hang onto to this world and their echoes appear on others as well.Sometimes these are former adventurers whose drives, life goals, unfinished desires for fortune as well as glory keep them on the road of existence. These are some very dangerous and malignant spirits that can often manifest across worlds to wreck havoc on adventurer's and warrior's lives alike Here are six desperate and dangerous spirits to torment your player's PC's with.There is twenty percent chance per appearance across the dimensions that these spirits might take on temporary flesh to accomplish their twisted goals. Often these beings have characteristics of certain well known monsters but are unique monsters into themselves whose abilities are shaped by the drives and ambitions of the individual.

1d6 Random Encounters With Ancient Undead Heroes and Adventurers Table
  1.  Sir Dirk Fabanatu of Fanana was an adventurer of some renown whose bloody path of exploration led him to the far corners of the planes and dimensions as a warrior and professional soldier. He finally met his end in the far off alien canyons of Ilirgbairurur at the edge of Hell, where the wights of the former alien colony feasted on his soul. But this was not the end of the hero's journey merely the beginning. Dirk emerged as a fully intelligent wight but a twisted individual who journeyed with other adventurers only to finally after several months lead them to their deaths. This is a cycle that continues repeatedly. Sir Dirk Fabanatu is able to take on the illusion of flesh for 1d8 months after swallowing the souls of others, he is a 3rd level fighter and very experienced in the ways and means of  dimensional travel. His own brother has been searching for him to end his existence though and is hot on the trail but that was six months ago. 
  2. Sarah Egrcan The Bold - A former lady of a royal house hold whose family was killed when their space craft crashed into a nameless moon and a ghost feasted on her soul. She awakened in torment at the alien spirit's claws and managed to murder the thing but in the process took on its wretched existence. She however was able to form a temporary existence when she saved another family from the mini dead world's horrors. She passed herself off as a space pirate and attached herself to this family eventually draining each and every member as she helped them. A process that has continued along the space ways and dimensions. She is a spirit with a small horde of  NPC minions to help her, she fights as a 4th level fighter.
  3. Faeguriard is an alien wizard whose delving into the forbidden lead him into the snares of a demon from an alien star who turned him into a vampire and left him to rot on an asteroid circling a black  hole. Faeguriard was picked up by a group of prospectors and has been acting as an alien mercenary wizard of 6th level ever since. He is twisted and evil but is planning his revenge against his former tormentor as he ascends along the black path of damnation. 
  4. Vaulod Welkami is a ghoul spirit whose existence came about after a young girl encountered a relic of the Outer Darkness that annihilated her soul and twisted what was left into an ancient spirit thing that desired vengence upon a long dead race of cosmic beings. Dressed in spacer leathers and rags, Welkami is a being who passed itself off as an alien scribe and being of knowledge among adventurers. All of the while it slowly drains and murders its employers one after another; sometimes this being becomes obsessed with its prey and it can take months or years to murder them. Very few survive its attentions but it sometimes let's its prey think that it is a benefactor with small valuable baubles and quests to amuse itself before for the final kill. It has the abilities of an 8th level scribe in several areas.
  5. Roglaethurorc The Wise is an old spacer whose life was snuffed out on the outer edges of Shuntulallka IX after nasty malevolent spirit ambushed him. The alien ghost took the old spacer's soul and was surprised when Shuntulallka ate it instead. But now the old storyteller and spacer roams among star ship crews killing and murdering those it deems evil. It takes on flesh and has a very nasty obsession with certain attractive individuals. Those with a Charisma of 7 or great might attract its rather nasty psychotic and stalker obsessions. The spacer is know for his kindness and wonderful exterior which hides the heart of a demon. He is a 7th level fighter and spacer of some respect and reputation. 
  6. Uaulrtha is an alien space born huntress and bounty hunter whose alien body has characteristics of both ghouls and wights, her extinct tribe sacrificed her to their god master whose magicks twisted her into this thing. She roams the space ways murdering those of evil and foul deeds and helping those she can but sometimes her own alien hungers overcome her reason and she must feed or perish such is her tortured existence. She is a 5th level fighter and master of her alien relic blade Ontul a gift from her former demon god master. She has eternity to know the flesh of existence and is often found in the most unexpected and far flung corners of the universe.

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