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1d20 Random Quasit Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Quasits are seldom seen or heard for as they ride the coat tails of their dark masters manipulating and pulling the black heart strings, horrid motives, black ambiguous desires, and  hooking their 'master's' souls into the torrent that is Hell. They are fonts of black sorcery and forbidden secrets who very existence swims in the foulest sewers of Hell. The Quasit is not merely a simple demonic piece of planar jetsam, a portion of its demonic god's consciousness brought to the prime to carve out its charge's soul and send it straight to Hell.
They are masters of evil and manipulators of the highest order warped by eons in Hell.

Wrapped in demonic shells of chaos for bodies and held together by the will of their demon god and Great Old One masters, Quasits are not to ever be under estimated. These horrors made flesh by the powers of Hell are often beings who have tremendous will power and despite the machinations of their gods retain memories and thoughts of their former lives. Many times they are biding their immortal existences to claim the souls of their 'masters' and bargain their way up the  ladders of power and horror in Hell. But woe unto the party of adventurers who stumbles upon the nightmare that is a Quasit who stays on the Prime plane after his master's death and creates a web of torment and deceit around themselves.

  • Madness rides the star-wind... claws and teeth sharpened on centuries of corpses... dripping death astride a bacchanale of bats from nigh-black ruins of buried temples of Belial...
    • "The Hound" Written September 1922, published February 1924 in Weird Tales, 3, No. 2, 50–52, 78

1d20 Random Quasit Encounter Table For
Your Old School Adventure Encounters

  1. Ethatu was a former black wizard who rose to the high point of his own cult until they turned and scarficed him now he works for his former rival as his familiar but he has far more then mere revenge in mind and courts adventurers as well as others for his own revenge and hidden agenda but he has eternity to know their flesh. He has a box of minor magic items and some treasure saved up and will bargain with it.
  2. Fargbak was a tyrant of a small sorcerous country whose life has been turned inside out by the former forces he once worshiped. He is now the boot licking toady to a mad wizard of chaos but bides his time by tormenting his former subjects. He has a network of spies and informants who think that they work for a powerful demonic lord. He has the makings of a cult of a thieves guild started.
  3. Glirca was once a powerful lady of wealth and taste whose beauty and youth are now been made an ironic mockery. She longs to experience painful revenge on her former husband and lover who sold her soul to the very dark powers she once served.
  4. Inchelaung ha forgotten who he once was but has come to serve his dark master well and longs to drag his soul kicking and screaming to Hell but longs to become a powerful warlord in his own right. He searches and bargains for magical knowledge of the most forbidden types.
  5. KaugKorithango was once the dark priest for a cult of fallen angel worshipers but his followers sold his soul to a corrupt wizard who bargained it away to the powers of a cold Lovecraftian hell. His worm like masters re birthed him onto Earth as a foul thing part maggot and part horror. He uses his abilities to find a way to torment his former family and cult members. He bargains the cult's magic items and treasures for special favors from adventurers and outlaws.
  6. Morongi was once the poo wiper for a duke of some note and his right hand man but was also a worshiper of things most dark and foul. His afterlife has not worked out much better but he influences his master through trickery and the planting of dark secrets and foul ideas. He's hidden several treasures in the privy and is willing to bargain with adventurers for a quick murder of his master. He also has a small black mail ring going on the side as a hobby.
  7. Ortunar is a foul being who never had a mortal life and is an extension of his Lovecraftian master's will. He more then slightly insane not sure if his thoughts are his own but his murmurings contain secrets of the foulest reaches of the cosmos. He has taken to writing these things down and selling the books through third parties to the local wizards. He is looking for an agent to expand his market to other outlets to spread his corruption. The local covens are looking into the matter but several cults want to murder the little fiend. His dark master is unaware of his dark servant's activities.
  8. Rdorituronglk was a warlord in life and in black service he has become an expert tactician advising both his master and the thieves guilds he serves. He is also has several master thieves convinced his is their dark patron saint and has several bits of valuable treasure hidden for a black mail plot involving several local lords.
  9. Rithan was serving a master out around the rings of Jupiter but has since come home to serve a local cult, he loves to torment children and old women using them in foul rings of crime and smuggling to amuse himself. The bastard is both psychotic and dangerous passing himself off as a powerful evil spirit who torments his victims into insanity. His own master knows nothing of his activities but suspects something from the foul thing.
  10. Rorog lost his master to the wars between the planes long ago and now has become a force of crime and vice for the city he is in. He serves no one but himself but has a net work of spies and informants who he works with. He sells information on black wizards and sends their souls to his masters after battles of power. He thinks of it as an eternal chess game.
  11. Kothaul is a small power playing against other dungeon dwellers with his foul master, they have recently lost their castle and now vie for power in these ruins. He uses a combination of terror and carefully applied magic to keep monsters and people guessing. He needs adventurers to carry out a black quest for him.
  12. Malaulirtha is a being of black magic who serves two masters using tricks and traps to keep the bargains going and make himself a menu of souls for the afterlife. His current plan involves an assassination ring of royals and wizards. He needs your help for the next part of his cunning plan.
  13. Minarc is a minor mover and shaker in the Lovecraftian cults and is looking for a quick turn around for his latest plan of foulness and trickery, it involves a local nunnery.
  14. Ngororcaercatu is a violent and petty creature who uses a small army of undead that his master think that he controls. The foul thing uses these horrors to terrorize the locals into submission while he claims the treasures that pass through the area. He is a dangerous and blood thirsty little creature given his charges to bouts of violence and debased horror.
  15. Oraia is a former sister working for several cults and who came to her current state through a series of foul mistakes. She is now frustrated and uses her current dark mistress as both cat's paw and weapon against many foes. She is enjoying the ride and uses her position to further her own weird and twisted agenda for he current demon god masters.
  16. Otugor is the sister to Oraia with whom she competes for foul deeds and makes sport out of adventurers all the while using a wide variety of schemes in a chaotic bid to extend the evil of her demon masters. She has no remorse or pity at all and uses her position as a mini throne of power. Adventurers often die in her webs of deception and schemes of cunning.
  17. Hmanthaerir Iathmoririaura still knows its names and even has access to his former life's identity after his friends sacrificed him as the black rotting disease consumed his mortal flesh. He is still the lord of the manor and his black wizard friend/manservant who looks after his interests is more then happy to serve his twisted interests. He uses a variety of fronts to continue to serve the crown but is very dangerous and he knows that this ruse will only last so long. Can you help or hinder his hidden agenda of terror?
  18. Karchmoriro is now a dungeon dweller after having lost his former master to trolls. He now heads these foul and stupid creatures in the service of his own dark lost god. He hates adventurers and kills them each and every chance he gets. The trolls are quite happy with the arrangement having a ton of treasure and having rid themselves of the foul curse of the wizard. These bastards sell their serves of terror and murder to other monsters.
  19. Nduangb is a dual life time tyrant and bully who killed his own brother only to find himself serving alongside his victim of murder for all etrnity. He knows his days on the plane prime are numbered along with his master but his brother has now disappeared and he longs to hire adventurers to help him find the black bastard.
  20. Ngobaela is a foul and black horror as one is ever going to meet, he's broken from his brother and his family's curse of murder. The little bastard is gathering adventurers and treasure for black revenge against his former brother and his black wizard master. He has several bolt holes and treasure to back himself up. He is a foul mouthed black hearted horror.

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