Monday, January 4, 2016

Now Available ! GBE7 The time a tree saved me.Gang Busters Adventure & Welcome to Rock Junction Adventure Source Book By Mark Hunt

 So now both adventures 'Welcome to Rock Junction' &  GBE7 "The time a tree saved me"  have both gone on sale  for the Gangbusters rpg have gone on sale. Basically these two adventures take the Gangbusters rpg in a new and very interesting 1920's Noir pulp crime direct while remaining true to the games roots.

GBE7 The time a tree saved me. from  Mark Hunt   is a full on investigative detective style adventure with the potential for lots of action and crime filled adventure for the PC's. It takes full advantage of the Gangbusters rpg for action and actual investigative work on the PC's part. Here's the description from Drivethrurpg;"This is a 2nd level Encounter for Gangbusters RPG
Don Cole had been working this case for three weeks, and now he just wanted to be off of it. His feet hurt and he needed a drink. He liked the job and he was good at it. There were times, however, when he didn't enjoy the things he had to do.  This looked to be one of those times.
After all this time he had found the kidnappers, Holed up in a house at the edge of town. He stopped to call for help and moved in to keep an eye on them.  He could make out three of them sitting calm as you please on a car that had more holes in it than a piece of swiss cheese.
He pulled out his trusty .38, but on one side of the house stood a Tough with a tommy gun and on the other a pretty girl with a derringer in her hand. Using the trees for cover, he got as close as he dared and called to them to drop their weapons. This was going to be one of those days . . ."
This all comes through with a price tag of two dollars and is a nice two tier adventure for those who have played the game or are new to the system. It works very well for what it does and works a perfect introduction to the new adventure location elements and action of the campaign setting. Welcome to Rock Junction introduces a whole new city with new problems and lots of pulpy NPC's, locations, settings, and possible crimes for your Gangbusters campaigns.

The Drivethrurpg write up gives you some idea of the depths of crime ridden scum and horror that your PC's are going to be experiencing in Rock Junction; "Welcome to Rock Junction!
Rock Junction is a Steel town sixty miles from the sprawling, brawling metropolis of Lakefront City located somewhere in the American Midwest. Rock Junction serves as a  town the players can get to know and explore or they may head off to the life in the big city.
The Midwest dread sometimes seized hold of Jon and refused to let go, especially on mornings like this one. The pale sun struggled to hoist itself above the infinite sea of corn. Jon could empathize. He sleepily stumbled down his driveway, his terrier, Ben, bouncing along at his heels. When he arrived to his fence, he saw that his mailbox had been destroyed. The metal box sat on the ground, crumpled like a piece of paper, with all of his mail shredded, aside from one nicotine colored piece of a paper with an ominous black handprint on it.
  His hand ached from coiling it into a fist too tightly. The accident had taken a toll on his ability to do his job, and work at the fabrication shop had been slow. His family’s finances were dwindling down to nothing. Jon knew what the black hand signified. Everyone in Rock Junction knew damn well what it meant, too—pay up a portion of your monthly income, or something unpleasant is going to happen. One might have their car set ablaze in a grocery store parking lot, or their family might be harassed and brutalized in countless unmentionable ways, or one might even leave their home to run an errand and never return, only to turn up sixty miles away on the Lakefront City riverbank or in some nameless back alley with their neck sliced from ear to ear and their tongue pulled through the tactless incision. Truly, nobody in the little steel town had gone untouched by The Black Hand Society. "
Even though this is only a twelve page sourcebook its packed with lots of tid bits that can be used for a wide variety of games as well as Gangbusters and it take things in a number of new directions and lays everything wide open on the table. The PC's are not going to know what hit them going into this campaign setting. My recommendation is to get these today and make your menacing Monday a high tension playground!

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