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1d20 Random Lovecraftian Demons & Predators Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are artifacts, relics and monsters that exist to break the laws of reality and bend the laws of physics like taffy. Out in the wasteland adventurers might find themselves face to face with horrors beyond their pale. Certain monsters and entities ply the wastelands between worlds preying on those they find and hoping to feast upon the souls of man and near mankind. Here then are some of the things, spirits, and entities that haunt these distant shores of reality.

1d20 Random Lovecraftian Demons
&  Predators Encounter Table.

  1. A partial amoebic minor demon prince thing waits brooding and has come in search of souls and worship. The thing is armed with a cold rod of iron meteor ore inscribed with the twenty two guardians of the greater gateways. In OD&D terms this thing will conform to a pit fiend with several weird powers including division and chaotic corruption. 
  2. Astral demonic reptilian wolf things pack of 1d10  has come through looking for easy victims to take with them back to the Outer Darkness. They sort weird tendrils upon their flanks and to look upon them is to see into other places outside of our reality. They seem to grow and shrink as you gaze upon them. 
  3. A formless shape shifting blob pack  comes through. The remains of some thing that might have been a group of humans has come through already adapting and adjusting itself to our local time space continuum. The horror will telepathically rape anyone's mind it comes across. It will have the stats of a stout warrior with the ability to induce madness and horror in its victims. These horrors will want to devour the souls of those they come across. But they will strike in secret and use guile to try to draw prey in. 
  4. An ancient lean and hungry demon rat thing like predator that is looking for fresh meat and its wizard master who has accidentally teleported it into this location. The thing is armed with dagger of iron and has a belt holding the scalps of previous victims. All of them were heroes of renowned. 
  5. A weird cybernetic lifeform that floats several feet above the ground and twist as well as turns on metal and glass organs. The spaces between it are made from weird regions and anyone caught by it will be ripped apart by the angles that it is made from. It will impart forbidden knowledge to those who contact it telepathically but there is a price in blood and souls. 
  6. A strange bag of organs and demonic tendrils that rolls along the ground leaving tracings of blood and slime. The thing is a weird mix of several collected corpses held together telekinetically by sheer demonic will power and malice. The thing seeks to add anyone it can and grow in sheer mass of gore and horror. The thing will soon erupt in a division of blood and gore into nine separate little horrors. 
  7. A pseudo life form made from several cosmic slimes and fire filled star things held together by a body of nothingness and blackness reeking of insanity and soul searing horror. The thing seeks the minds of humans and hungers for what they contain. It will attack and strip a victim in seconds in a grasp that corrupts and erodes anything it touches. It can be bought off with the tears of a maiden and a very touching tale or it will devour the wizard who runs across it. 
  8. A weird spinning collection of bone dust, cosmic debris, & bits of weird sonic stuff held within a rolling ghost like shape. The thing seeks esoteric knowledge and wisdom from the Ancients. They worshiped the thing in ancient times and it has come looking for them. Now its angry and bitter at their destruction. The thing might share its wisdom for worship and a bit of super science. The thing can age anything 1d100 years in seconds if it envelops the thing within the field of its body. 
  9. An intelligent coloured being from outside space and time. The weird coloured spirit thing is made from the nightmares of ancient dead universes lost eons lost. The thing will drain anything it runs across to fuel its escape from our local time space continuum. It will trade a a map of neighboring universes for several children's toys. It is playful but very dangerous. 
  10. A star spawn alien priest of some ancient lost world, this thing is a worshiper of Cthulhu and wishes to find its master. It will disappear in a puff of dimensional smoke only to attack any fool it can. It will leave behind a victim's liver and a symbol of futility and insanity.  
  11. A ring of weird stone pylons that sings with the music of insane stars and dead worlds. Anyone stepping near this ring of stones will have to deal with hulking insane beast thing that haunts this place. Each and every pylon is inscribed with the name of some ancient demonic prince from a dead world. The ring is said to grant forbidden knowledge to those who sleep in its shadow if they survive. There is a 20% chance that those sleeping in this place will be taken to another universe in space time. There is also a 5% chance of encountering some nether beast from the darkness each time this place is encountered. 
  12. A weird pulsing living monolith of alien flesh and organs. This thing is supposedly a piece of some ancient Outer One. There is a 20% chance of the vile thing trying to absorb anyone coming near it. The thing telepathically gibbers and whines at night. The thing will be surrounded by a pool of acidic water like liquid. The stuff will burn as a mild acid anything that touches the monolith. There will 1d8 ancient demonic guardian things circling around this thing in the sky. They will attack anyone getting to close to it. The thing may heal the body of anyone near it but it may alternatively at the same time try to render the body of anyone near it insane with a telepathic blast of mental energy. 
  13. This giant silver eye ball watches the world with a baleful gaze. Anyone caught by this thing in the noon day sun may 10% chance be turned to stone. The eye is guarded by a trio of gorgon like cybernetic mutants. These horrors may answer any esoteric question put to them but they will demand a romantic story from the patron. The eye can see into other times and places, it may send any PC or group to one of these places displayed in the iris. 
  14. A living giant pole of flesh and bone, this thing is topped by a stylized eagle with tendrils hanging from it. The thing is a living guardian of machine, stone, and flesh. It will seek to kill anyone running across this icon. The pole will whisper the names of twelve demonic princes names to a patron. They must exchange a bag of coins of the dead for this information or an artifact from the waste. 
  15. This weird pile of alien flesh and bone collects stories from across the cosmos and whispers the gossip of the Outer Ones. The thing will impart one or more secrets in return for one of yours. It knows the locations of several ancient hoards of artifacts out in the wastes but its guarded by a bevy of evil cannibal nymph mutant things who will trade an audience for the manhood of an adventurer.
  16. A column of black stone like material that exists in twelve dimensions at once. The patron only sees one side of this thing and its presence will affect the local time space in warped and strange ways. It knows the key and gate, and it will transport one adventurer there. Or there is a 10 % chance of it sending the adventurers 'away' to some other part of the Outer Darkness. The thing is guarded by several cryptic cybernetic entities who will trade a memory for an audience or they will send assassin bots after your PC's of appropriate level.  
  17. This giant massive tape worm thing threads its way through and under the ground while squeezing the local space time continuum. This thing will allow one to experience a previous life..This will enable PC's to know how to operate certain key events of their lives while sampling preholocaust technology. This thing is protected by a flock of faceless demon things who will demand a precious memory for an audience or they will rip the PC's apart for bothering them. 
  18. This massive star spawn of Cthulhu has been chained to the exiled skull of some giant nameless remains. This star spawn priest will create a telepathic nightmare of insanity upon the population of the nearest village or community. The thing will demand that it be worshiped there and then. There will 1d8 Deep One warriors protecting the thing. 
  19. This giant meteor structure contains the mummified brain of some ancient ruler who lords over this giant bio organic network of flesh and blood. This thing has a vast library of medical knowledge but will demand one adventurer to perform and experiment upon. This thing is served by a horrid of incredible mutant things that worship death and hate all life.There will be 1d10 of these horrors armed with stone age weapons and attack without mercy. 
  20. A star spawn of Cthulhu frozen in a block of frozen space time who has come to lead his chosen people. It is also seeking its master and wishes to communicate with dangerous super scientists to pick and eat their brains.

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