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1d20 Random Blood, Rust, and Weird Characteristics For Magick Weapons Table For Your Old School Or Alpha Blue Rpg Campaigns

Spend some time aboard Alpha Blue and you'll eventually find a pawn shop or two where facilitators have traded in or dumped off items and relics from clients and adventurers.

In Alpha Blue not every one pays with credits or space bucks, some poor souls come from other places and times where the wars of Chaos and blood rage across the landscape. These adventurers often leave behind weapons of magick and order as payment for a facilitator's favors and sexual congress. Other weapons are sold in one of the numerous pawn shops across the station. These weapons often resound with the blood and thunder of the battles that they have fought in and now long for masters to wield them once again in battle.

1d20 Random Blood, Rust,
and Weird Characteristics For Magick Weapons Table
  1. The weapon has picked up stray magical energies that course through it and once a day it will expel a bolt of eye searing magic for 1d6 points of energy at anyone within a twenty foot radius of the owner. The energy roils and courses along the blade for reasons of their own. The blade will glow blue and purple before the discharge. The blade smells of pickles and human sweat though.
  2. This weapon is haunted by the ghosts of its former owners who wish to once again join in battle these damned souls will offer advice, pester the owner and may 30% chance attack the target if they're attitude allows them. 
  3. Someone in the past used a high tech sex toy to fix the power unit on this weapon, it now makes the same sounds as certain martial adds when wielded in combat. This can be very distracting as the weapons gives out a sigh of sexual satisfaction after each kill. 
  4. This weapon crawls with raw power and weird radiations making anyone hit by it take a save or roll on the mutation table as the chaotic and horrid power courses through their body and wounds. 
  5. This weapon is sentient and a royal pain in the ass it will go on for hours about its capabilities and is actually cursed. The thing can affect and damage supernatural beings but must be threatened to work. 
  6. This weapon has been made from two other technologies and can function in various dimensions. The weapon once per day can open a random dimensional hole to an alternative universe. 
  7. This weapon was used in a power struggle between two demonic powers, it remains slightly out of phase with our normal universe and affects the erogenous zones of those around it when its used simulating massive orgasms but its an addictive property. You want someone to push you into combat! Demons and the their ilk don't like weapons like this because they experience this property too even as they take damage. 
  8. This weapon was owned by a knight of the orders who sold it for one night of massive pleasure the weapon bares his shame and seeks an owner to redeem it in the eyes of its god. The weapon loathes vampires and undead. 
  9. This weapon has been forged from the backbone and rib cages of succubus and incubus who are entwined in its hilt. The thing lusts for combat but tells off color jokes telepathically to all life forms in a twenty foot radius. The thing bleed twice a month with alien demonic fluids. 
  10. This weapon shines with the heart light of an alien species and is able to heal 1d10 points of damage three times per week but communication systems and phones break in the user's hands. 
  11. This weapon was forged at the edge of the big bag and retains the power and metal intensity of its forging. The thing can cause +3 damage once per week as a choir of demonic wailing accompanies its owner's savage attack. 
  12. This weapon is wrapped in the demonic essence of its past owner's soul and the thing reeks of sulfur and dried alien blood. Lovecraftian aliens and demons must make a morale check or flee from the owner once a week as the stars align under the hilt of this weapon. 
  13. This weapon was owned by powerful alien war lords and bounty dogs in the past it hungers for the blood of wrong doers even if the current owner is a dark side scum bag. Once per week it may turn on an NPC and fry them with its righteous and heinous
    anger! Strike for 1d6 points of damage of a gout of hell fire like energy. 
  14. This weapon once belonged to an alien gangster and has needles that sample the genetic heritage of any owners past and present. It may 20% chance try to possess the owner and sell their personal genome information to bio pirates and their ilk for a clone body for itself. 
  15. This weapon has seen too much blood and rust over the years and is now aligned with Chaos jackholes it has a 20% resistance to magick and energy attacks but after 1d4 weeks it will try to turn its owner to the dark side of evil. There is a 10% chance that the weapon may be sentient and has a copy of the mind of the last enemy the party or previous owner fought. 
  16. This weapon considers itself a force for cosmic order and destiny, those it kills is a part of a public service. Once every three weeks it will telepathically pick a criminal or bounty to hunt down. Its also a bit kinky and likes to watch its owner's 'conquests'. 
  17. This weapon has a demonic counterpart who wishes to see it destroyed or reunited with it,the other weapon can't decide. This dual existence however has granted the weapon the ability to once a week force the soul from the body of a victim. This causes the victim to be subject to all manner of demonic and astral parasites that might 30% seek such a victim out. 
  18. This weapon has been used in desperate cosmic battles and longs for a the feel of alien suns. The thing gains +2 on attacks under alien skies where its cosmic batteries can recharge in the glow of weird suns. 
  19. This weapon hates cosmic hipsters and cool pulpy heroes, it goes out of its way to destroy them on sight. +2 damage to all such horrid heroes of weak kneed sci fi. 
  20. This weapon once belonged to a cosmic herald of dangerous power who lost it in a poker game aboard the space brothel. He has obtained god hood and now seeks its return he will destroy the current owner and erase the disgrace with their blood. 

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