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1d20 Random NPC Mephits Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Created in the spaces 'in between' the dimensions where the elemental planes pull and tug each other's essence. The Mephits are grand beings in their own minds born of the elemental quasi souls of the life that exists on several alien places at once. These beings are utterly alien to the human mind and yet somehow mirror the human and near human souls. They can be bonded to a wizard of extreme cunning and twisted conscious but each time they will try to being such fools to their own alien needs and wants.

The process of delving into the black abyss is to me the keenest form of fascination.
H. P. Lovecraft
Some of the most dangerous of these elemental beings are those who have gained free will from their elemental master gods and now haunt the plane prime as agents of their own. Slightly less dangerous are those mephits who have broken free  or been released from the service of their wizardly masters. Some of these beings have carved out small empires and operations all on their own and should be dealt with the utmost caution.
1d20 Random NPC Mephits Encounter Table

  1. Robaro The Grand Flame is a being of both extremes and a dangerous temperament, he is a small time loan shark and protection artist who has working for him several small fire elemental based monsters. He fancies himself a small time elemental prince and deals with several minor elemental royals.
  2. Kotundur The Wet One a steam mephit who uses several others of his own kind to operate a high end spy net work and information brokering service. He also specializes in black mail of the lowest order.
  3. Ldugo Two Step is an ice mephit who uses his abilities and charm to run a high end messaging service for black wizards and a body guard service for organized crime figures.
  4. Lkoril The Wise is a dust mephit that uses a combination of guile and cunning to run an artifact recovery service with workers scattered throughout the elemental planes. He's got a nasty disposition though and works his points in the elemental courts. He has a small cache of jewels and treasure for a rainy day.
  5. Magobaun is a water mephit that runs a small time assassin's ring with nine other water mephits. They specialize in liquidation of adventurers and outlaws when others can't touch their prey.
  6. Igy-dephu is a magma mephit who takes on construction jobs for fast underground works and infrastructure jobs especially drow and dark elves who find its abrasive personality ideally suited for their environs. He turn sells the inside information to outlaws and adventurers.
  7. Kenatt is a frost mephit who loves to bargain in magical knowledge and guild mystical back and forth gossip. 
  8. Phoggoisa is a being interested in dealing with so much forbidden knowledge that his elemental god masters are taking an unnatural interest in him. As a fire mephits he is able to travel from flame to flame at ease and uses this ability to persue his hobby of the forbidden with gusto
  9. Salo is an ooze mephit that hires his crew out to dungeons to clean out human infestations out. He works with both fire and ice mephits for a dangerous combination
  10. Thalotul lZhokibo thinks of himself as a prince among mephit kind and he may be right. He takes his services as a professional envoy seriously and uses his position to travel in place mephits aren't normally able to go. He keeps a small cache of treasures for emergencies.
  11. Zhugo is a water mephit specializing in sewers, pool cleaning, and dungeon design on a vast scale. He sells some of his clients out by selling maps and charts to adventurers.
  12. Honyugo-nya is a frost mephit dealing in drugs, specializing in kidnapping and black mail; these are things that he learned from his black wizard master. He loathes adventurers and kills them when ever possible. He's kept all treasure for himself.
  13. Meharteph is a water mephit who uses illusions and double dealing to create money making opportunities for himself and his family. He loves to trap adventurers and others while the blood flows and he can watch at a safe distance.
  14. Mol-zat is a salt mephit who loves to crystallize and destroy adventurers as works of elemental art.
  15. Rlotaraak is a hot headed steam mephit who loves to hire himself out as a top flight wet works man.
  16. Ruliqut is black wizard in his own right after swallowing the soul of his master. He's black wizard who knows the danger of out plane travel and yet loves to act as guide to those far off dimensions but he is not to be trusted.
  17. Ammirngia is a petty and dangerous tyrant who loves to put the screws to adventurers as a he acts as guide in the other world. He often leaves his charges in very dangerous circumstances.
  18. Baenae is a water mephit for a dangerous water based black wizard who may or may not be related to several elemental god princes. He takes his job very seriously and calls on  his master should things start going wrong. He is often found accompanying his master as they wander the planes together.
  19. Denguirdrillil Durg is a manger for mephit talent who loves to place his charges in dangerous dungeons and other dire situations where they must fight for their very survival. He is an outspoken steam mephit who puts others in constant danger. He's a thrill seeker and get's off on the scares and terror of his clients
  20. Tashonephig is a recovery and rescue.specialist who works for the elemental rulers and himself. He loathes adventurers and out laws. He eliminates them as they hinder his job. He can sometimes  be found ordering fire ales and burning precious documents for an extra high.

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