Friday, January 1, 2016

Free OSR Conspiracy Horror Role Playing Magazine - Protodimension Magazine Issue 24

Ok, good morning 2016 apparently the guys over at Protodimension magazine have decided to drop another issue of weirdness on us with issue twenty four ! There's a bit of Call of Cthlhu Martian madness, some new alien weaponry from Lee Williams, A review of Venger Satanis's Outer Presence, some great short fiction and more.If your into conspiracy horror role playing then this is the one to get in on. They're also looking for gaming material from the hand of some solid writers and designers, so if you feel like submitting a piece or two you can find their submission guidelines right over HERE

Contents for this exciting action packed horror issue for 2016 include :

  • To Explain it all, Editorial dithering by Tad Kelson
  • Go Ask Alice, an Adventure by Tim Bisaillon for Unknown Armies (1st ed.)
  • Anthill Morning: The Shooter, Dark Conspiracy short fiction by T. Mike McCurley
  • Sacraments of Love and Hate, review of the novel Sacrement by Eric Fabiaschi
  • Waste Pickers in Dark Conspiracy, background and a new career by Richard Hayden for Dark Conspiracy III
  • Somber Words, A Dark Rondeau by Norm Fenlason
  • The Outer Presence, a capsule review by Tad Kelson
  • The Mythos Guide To New England, A quick review by Eric Fabiaschi for Call of Cthulhu and OSR
  • The Cold Men, Close encounters of the nth kind by Jeff Deischer
  • ET Disc Gun, Alien weapons of death by Lee Williams for Dark Conspiracy
  • Remnants, H.G. Wells comes to Call of Cthulhu by Eric Fabiaschi for Call of Cthulhu

You get a whole bundle of horror conspiracy weirdness for free so get to downloading and rolling some dice with friends!

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