Thursday, January 7, 2016

Commentary On Drivethrurpg's Sale and A Ready Made White Star Rpg Campaign Set up

If your unaware of Drivethrurpg's big sale that's happening right now then you might miss it. Magic Pig Media is one of those OSR style outfits that got onto the bandwagon of turning out some very well done material for the White Star game. I did a whole range of reviews for Magic Pig a while back including one of my favorites Outer Space Raiders: Zeloxians From Magic Pig Media For Your White Star Rpg Adventures & Your Old School Campaigns  & I also took a look at the Norni too from Magic Pig Media

 You can find a ton of good solidly done White Star materials from Magic Pig here

Another author whom I like for one stop shopping for White Star is Mark Hunt. His Ships of Shade Space and Drongo (Planet of Peril) From  Leviathan Publishing both dovetail right back into White Star with a bit of work and can be evened out with Magic Pig Media's Have Death Ray Will Travel campaign setting for a cross between Edgar Rice Burroughs and Babylon Five with touch of Flash Gordon's vibe to even things out. I've been doing an OSR sci fi  campaign similar but with a completely different vibe for many years otherwise I might be taking advantage of this sale myself.  If I were you my friends I'd take full advantage of this sale right now.

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