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A D20 Random Mentalist NPC Encounter Table For The Warriors Of The Red Planet Rpg & Your Old School Campaigns

Over the last night or two I've read the new fifth edition rules and the Dungeon Guild material. Instead I kept glancing at the Warriors of the Red Planet game book I've already got. I became inspired to come up with mentalists and psychics from the red wastelands of Mars. I've always felt that they were one of the more underutilized classes in the games of Warriors of the Red Planet I've run in the past. You can find details on this class from the OEF blog.

Many of these mentalists are a actually wandering from town to town to  recruit adventurers to their cause and banner.
A Random Mentalist NPC Encounter Table

  1. Damagola The Damaged One - This ancient seer from beyond the Great Vale of Chira has come down from her mountain shrine to challenge the wastelands and find adventurers to help her with a great evil. She is more then willing to journey with adventurers because her visions have left her shaken and she needs the blood, violence and anger of combat to clear her mind's eye. She is a 4th level Mentalist and a dangerous combatant.
  2. Canaulir The Wandering Eye A pan sexual being of low lander Martian descent that wanders the desert floors in search of a guidance from beyond. This 3rd level mentalist is a force of natural guided to fellow adventurers by an alien presence within his mind. He or she is guided from one adventure to another aiding those who need wisdom and expertise. Her words are wise as is the council of the mind that guides it.
  3. Fanaunde of the House of Uanogoggna is a high land Martian royal who was trained in the mind arts long ago and now seeks out the next heir of Uanogoggna while aiding the lower tier thieves and pirate guilds against the Green men hordes. The powers of this being are formidable and highly dangerous as he seeks the relics of Uanogoggna and will recruit adventurers on this crusade. 
  4. Hanguath Ekephamo is a mentalist from another world who has come to Mars in search of his brother and seeks a group of outlaws who murdered his father. He is a 5th level mentalist whose abilities border on the malevolent and dangerous.
  5. Hmorg is a low level tribesmen and mentalist who uses the power of his mind to seek the treasures and wealth denied to his birth. He loathes certain city guardsmen on Mars because of an injury to his pride and left eye. This mentalist works for outlaws from time to time and recruits other adventurers to his cause.
  6. Itugi This alien mentalist uses both powerful mind sciences and a sharp wit to move through various social incarnations while he seeks out powerful ruins and locations of opportunity for adventure. A 4th level mentalist and con man.
  7. Kordoglirc has long been considered scum and a product of the docklands but has now become a second level mentalist and thief whose polices of mercy have made him royal enemies. He recruits adventurers with tails of treasure and relics.
  8. Korgotha Igthorn this mentalist is a dangerous man bent on revenge on a green warrior horde but he hasn't got a beat on them. He has since gained several lines on dangerous and lucrative ruins toward the South.He is looking for adventurers to help him track down some of those ruins. He is a third level mentalist whose powers hinge on his blood thirst.
  9. Dd-usa Magnog- The former cat's paw of a wasteland warlord whose now struck out on her own as a 5th level mentalist. She has a map of that wasteland warlord's strong hold.
  10. Egg-il of  Chulagg-eharl is a former animal handler and farmer whose powers have made him a dangerous mentalist of sharp mind and powerful mind. He's a treasure and relic hunter who haunts the dead ocean bottoms using his power to find out the details of these artifacts and recruits adventurers to help him. A 3rd level mentalist whose powers have greatly expanded his mind.
  11. Got-zot of House Rshabbhaa is a powerful 2nd level mentalist whose powers have manifested in the dark of the pit of Braruri. He clawed his way out of this former prison and is now looking for helpers for investigation and bounty hunter work.
  12. Gu'ephuthu is a bounty hunter and fourth level mentalist who actually is on the retainer to the assassin guilds tracking down those who dishonor duels and recruits adventurers to help him in his sacred task.
  13. Naquborh Othatho learned the mental sciences from his former master whose mind he burned out in order to become his own master. This 6th level mentalist is looking into galactic crime matters and recruits others to help back him up.
  14. Dakinigg An ancient mentalist whose powers are linked with the lunar Martian cycle. He is looking for other fools to take his place among the ruins where a demon awaits him.
  15. Ekephamo of  Aetuthazgbat is the last remaining mentalist from his clan and now procuring adventurers to help him avenge his family honor. He pays top dollar for those willing to help him in his blood vendetta.
  16. Igthornf is the undead mentalist from another time who is looking for adventurers to help him reclaim part of his crypt from murderers and bandits. He is willing to pay in gold and relics.
  17. Inothan Kororinand is a mentalist of 5th level that longs to return back to the days of yore and wants to reclaim the throne of his ancestor. He needs adventurers to help him with this.
  18. Otth is a fourth level mentalist who wishes to help people with their dangerous other worldly entities. He needs help badly.
  19. Ruaskena is an old world mentalist that uses his powers for helping people and has stumbled upon a dangerous ruin near his charges. He is looking for adventurers to help him take down this dangerous menace.
  20. Sk-eit a mentalist and high unstable psychotic death scientist who is extracting serum from the minds of his victims to feed his dangerous habit. But he is a 5th level mentalist whose in need of ancient medical super science supplies and it looks like he needs adventurers.

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