Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Night Spelljammer Moving Haul

The copy of Gangbusters is mine and has out because of Mark Hunt's GB titles.

So where do I begin with this, I have a ratty copy of Spelljammer & I've recently been talking about the setting with a friend whose run it for years and years now. He's moving out of Connecticut, many people are and the economy is one of the main reasons. I have deep and abiding roots here. So today I received a very generous gift due to the move of second edition Spelljammer stuff. There is a ton of old school second edition material here to go through.

I'm still trying to go through this material and its going to take a bit of time. I'm extremely thankful for this generous gift on the part of one of my long time friends who wishes to remain unanimous. I've done a bit here and there over the years with Spelljammer but now I might want to take a second look into this setting and adventure  material.
Thanks again to the generous support of readers like you and friends for making this blog, life, and everything pretty damn awesome!

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