Friday, January 1, 2016

1d20 Random Sleazoid Professions Table For The Alpha Blue Rpg System By Venger Satanis

So I've been reading through Alpha Blue By Venger Satanis and monkeying with some of the backgrounds and PC professions for those adventurers messing around the space brothel station. So I decided to create some more sleazy secondary professions for PC's with a bit more sleazy & dark side menace  to them.

These should fit out a crew of outlaws and criminal scum of the universe quite nicely.

1d20 Random Sleazoid Professions Table

  1. Telepathic dream thief and conscious seller, in your spare time you sell other people and life forms dreams and conscious thoughts so that others might experience them. You are scum of the lowest quality racking in hundreds of blue bucks on the side. 
  2. Interstellar bill collector side contractor  you work on tracking down those who owe interstellar zombie bills and debts to your dark side jack hole masters; you might be working off your own debt or you could be racking in a few extra credits and blue bucks on the side. 
  3. Life form pornographer, you have an unshakable curiosity about alien life forms reproductive processes and the sexual congress of other life forms then creating pornography about it for others. You might be a bottom feeler making a few hundred bucks on the side or you might be a big wheel whose gone into hiding. 
  4. Information gatherer you are wired for sound with telepathic cybernetics wired throughout your body and you love to get high off of the glut of information flooding into your system. Getting paid for it is an added bonus and you'll gather it on anyone including your own family. 
  5. Interstellar trouble maker, you are an operative for a corporation specializing in stabilizing the infrastructure of a planetary or outer colony world. Your the link pin that topples stable governments so that your bosses can go in and make some sweet profit. You make a couple hundred bucks on the side doing this slimy work. 
  6. DNA and RNA pirate  you collect samples from life forms from across the universe so that your corporation can gain the jump on the genetic competition when it comes to leap frogging a head in the bio technological game. You make a few hundred to thousands of bucks on the side. This of course is without the victim's consent after all your bosses don't like paying royalties. 
  7. Insanity Jacker - You are wired with telepathic receivers that sample and copy the insane thoughts and desires of those who suffer from weird forms of madness including aliens so that your bosses can produce weapon's grade telepathic devices for planetary extermination and pacification.  You make several thousand bucks on the side for your field work and contributions to the company. 
  8. Soul Thief you are a complete douche bag who steals the souls and minds from his victim to sell on the black market. You are making some serious dough but the cops might be on to your operation. You also make your victims prime target's for demonic possession.
  9.  Supernatural Target Maker you have a laundry list of supernatural and ultra reality demons as well as monsters that you love to secretly find victims for. These demonic and sub demonic entities pay you a couple of thousand bucks for each and every victim. 
  10. A Player In The Murder Game - You secretly play a game of murdering and broadcasting your rites and rituals as you track down victims for a vast audience of telepathic subscribers. You float from adventuring party to party setting them up for another fall all the while collecting bucks from each and every demise. 
  11. Free lance tax agent and collector - You work for three different interstellar governments tracking down losers who owe a variety of taxes on all manner of stuff. You secretly love nothing better then taking a moisture farmer's house or a military's star base that they owe taxes on. The work pays several hundred bucks but a party of adventurers might kill you for your association. 
  12. Past scumbag  you secretly worm and spy on the past misdeeds of others and then black mail them through your superiors. This is done over time and you relish the potential for ruining another's life and making a few bucks off of it. 
  13. Alternative time line slaver - You travel through time and space enslaving variant versions of your friends and family including other party members in your spare time. You secretly get off on this and make several hundred bucks in the deal anyway or is that another you? HMMM 
  14. Bio weapons seller - your blood, bile, and body fluids teem with thousands of cells of weapons grade biological material, one simple flick of a DNA switch and your body's products can cause plagues,blindness, death or worse. You make a couple thousand bucks on the side acting as an agent where a kiss is actually an exchange of commerce of the worst variety or the dropping of the napkin is genocide. You are scum plain and simple. 
  15. Fluid Sampler you are a collector of fluids from a million species hoping to score it big, you make several hundred bucks every month but are considered disgusting by most of the interstellar community. The dark side equivalent is one who does this without permission.
  16. Telepathic fluffer ego stroker  you have several minor telepathic implants that allow you to stroke the egos of interstellar politicians and policy makers when they get crushed enabling them to spring back to work quicker. These guys are bottom feeder scum of the interstellar corporate and government world. 
  17. Bounty betrayer your an informant to criminal scum dropping a dime on interstellar bounty hunters, you never have been caught and get a secret thrill from making several hundred bucks a month on the info you sell. 
  18. Interstellar chicken hawk you turn young and innocent life forms to lives of scum and vile villainy by selling sweet young things to twisted masters. You make a couple thousand a month but hide yourself among adventurers to escape systems and assassination attempts. 
  19. Experience taker you have learned the occult trick of taking all of the joys and highs of life and selling the experiences to addicts and clients who get off on recreating the 'first' time. You make several hundred bucks on the side but you are a shallow and callous being. Scum of the first order who preys on the fringes of the universe. 
  20. You are a soul stealer for a minor demonic lord of ill repute, you might earn your way for a few more years but eventually your soul will be his or hers too. You make a couple of hundred bucks on the side.

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