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1d20 Random Weird Space Treasures Table For Venger Satanis's Alpha Blue Rpg System Or Your Old School Campaigns

There are many treasures in the depths of interstellar space and between the planes, things that are better left not found actually by the unsteady hands of adventurers and outlaws in the depths of space. Things and relics that are often used to pay the usual rabble of facilitators and shape shifting hookers.

For more powerful or dangerous Alpha Blue adventures allow PC's to roll once on the table below for a minor relic to use for adventuring.

1d20 Random  Weird Space Treasures Table

  1. The golden gallbladder of Emperor Po, this object enables the owner to purify 40 pounds of air and water almost instantly once a day but the thing weighs twenty pounds and seems to get heavier each time its used. Worth 60,000 bucks it currently has been MIA for six years after being stolen by Vermont Smith who thought it belonged in a museum and not storage unit of a space hooker. 
  2. The artificial diamond of Virgin Purpose  was once owned by the Holy Order of Manhood part of the church of Orthodox  Pure Aggression. The diamond mystically creates the perfect artificial reality mate for its owner whom they can't have sexual congress with. The item is cursed and tortures its owner with visions and partially real androids of these visions only to make them impotent and powerless in these visions presence. The owner can and will fly into a berserk rage when going into battle as these visions drive them to the edge of sanity and beyond. 
  3. The ring of Ta'rdfu this ring uses alien super science to bath its target's in strange colours from beyond the spectrum of reality. Targets must save vs wands or find that their existences are meaningless and devoid of existence. They may 10% try to commit suicide as the soul crushing realizations of the greater dimensional reality come crashing in on them. 
  4. The sword of no when beautifully gilded and jeweled alien sword can mystically cut the cord between a body and soul. The person will be alive but subject to all kinds of astral parasites and demonic creatures. Victims often beg for their attackers to kill them before the terrors from beyond take them and destroy their souls utterly. 
  5. The vase of Ko - This vase has been stopped up and sealed with brine maiden and swamp dragon wax. The vase contains a demonic Wri elemental demon that will attack the owner or a target directed by the owner. The vase can be used three times per day.
  6. The rod of false intention this rod can be used to create a charm spell three times per day and allow its owner to get away with bloody murder. If the owner tries to use this relic to violate the sexual mores or nature of another being a demon lord comes for their soul. This relic has been used as a clever method for murder several times throughout the centuries. 
  7. Pressure gun - This weird and futuristic weapon projects a beam of energy within a twenty foot range of this weapon creating a micro dimensional gate pressure wave that does 3d6 +1 points of damage as the first two inches are warped or changed. There are only four of these weapons in existence. 
  8. Total Eclipse of the Heart Locket  this locket removes the heart from the owner and places it in null space allowing the owner to not feel any pain from damage even as they slowly bleed out from the damage. The locket allows the owner to pass through dimensions of sanity wrecking and soul destroying vistas of hellscapes without ruining their sanity. 
  9. The Scroll of Order this scroll contains signs and symbols of protection by tapping into the fabric of order that under lays the great works that under lays the tombs of the Elder Ones. When unrolled this scroll will float in mid air and give a +2 on all attacks on Chaotic alien beasts. 
  10. Remote of Rewind - This remote will allow the owner to rewind twelve seconds of time once per week. Used more then that and it could wreck the cosmos. 
  11. The Other Frame - This picture frame like device allows one to gaze deeply into nearby dimensions of time and space, once per week the owner may travel to these locations. Getting back is whole other matter however. 
  12. Condom of Cosmic Calamity -This used condom contains the essence of demonic sperm from some ancient demonic overlord. The thing may be used to breed an army of 1d30 cloned warriors of an evil infernal nature. 
  13. +3 rolling pin of doom encrusted with ancient alien gems, its origin is unknown but the thing works on trolls as well.   
  14. Solomon's Bottle of Demonic Fun this brass stoppered bottle contains 1d4 demonic entities that can be commanded once a week to serve the owner. There is a 30% chance that one of these horrors will try to eat or possess the owner. 
  15. The Other Key this key allows the owner to teleport without error within line of sight three times per day. If used for more then that the owner may 20% chance disappear into a hellish other dimension! 
  16. The Knife That Makes Jagged Cuts this knife has been sharped by blind Elven mages and allows one to cut between places thus allowing 1d4 minor demonic imps to attack victims within forty yards of the owner. 
  17. The Bell of Bo Wri - When rung this bell is rung all with a thirty foot radius are subject to a fear spell like effect. Beings of order and law must roll vs wands or be at -2 for all attack and skill rolls. 
  18. The God's Spine a techno organic spine of some minor ancient god that acts as +2 weapon. The thing laughs when used on minor demons and their ilk,. 
  19. Rod of Cosmic Dread - Those hit by this rod's azure ray are subject to -4 on all rolls once a week. The weapon can also act as a +1 weapon of order. Those who are aligned to ancient gods had better watch out. 
  20. The Bleeding Book Blasphemy  this spell book contains over 60 major arcane black magick spells and is often used to counter the ancient summoning of minor demonic lords and ladies. These spells may rebuke or with a 20% chance banish a minor dread lord of the Darkness

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