Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Free Dungeon Crawl Classics Old School Space Campaign Resource From G+ & Noah Stevens's Space Dungeon Community

So apparently I gave my friend Noah Stevens of The Hapless Henchmen blog  a bit of a hard time when I mentioned JamesWard's Dark Outpost adventure and didn't give his marvelous G+ community for Dungeon Crawl Classics space adventure a shout. If your into space dungeons and DCC then your going to want to head over to the G+ community. Is very active and has some great DCC and old school resources as well as an on going play by post game. Please note that this is an invite only group and so you're going to have to contact Noah Stevens about joining the Space Dungeon group yourselves. In the meantime the group is

One thing about the Dungeon Crawl Classic's community its extremely active and Noah has cranked out some great material for the game. Specifically three great resources that would fit right at home in Crawljammer and the wastelands of Umerica's Crawling Under A Broken Moon.

Space Dungeon - Mechannids

Are the sorts of alien bastards that mutants and space adventurers alike live in fear of. These alien horrors should be handled carefully by parties and make an adventure unto themselves. 

The Silgurians 
are the sorts of aliens  that your adventurers are likely to wander into on some back water world and they're nasty as it gets for a middle management space horror. He's got a whole write up on these things including technology, patron status and more.

Finally Noah gets his rock and zombie groove on with  Peoria Plague Redux - don't breathe the vapors, Garfunkel!  which is all kinds of wrong and DCC right in so many ways.

There is a ton of material that Noah has put up on his blog for free for DCC and if your a DM its quality stuff for the game for free and he does a damn fine job.

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