Tuesday, January 12, 2016

'Rumble Below Moscow' A Warlord Of The Outer Worlds Adventure Encounter Actual Play Event

Last night's War Lords of the Outer Worlds's game saw the PC's tracking down the slavers who had kidnapped elves from the villages of Neo England. They had hired a local wizard who was a part of the temple guild dedicated to the Fire Bird. This wizard was decked out in elaborately embroidered inner robes which contrasted with the strange whirled burn patterns on her skin. Her guild were actually a group of elemental war mages who were veterans from the Lovecraftian action out by Jupiter. The guild is considered inferior by the other occult guilds of Moscow because members of the guild have been twisted and mutated by their time fighting and dallying with the forces of the Outer Darkness. The guild hall was part of an Ancient's park and was filled with wooden pagan carvings and tri headed elemental wood guardians that watched the PC's every move.

The PC's learned that a slave auction was going to happen on the third floor of the city but according to the guild's seer. The PC's also learned that a contract had been taken out on them by the slavers with a 'The Changers' an assassins guild that was made up of lycanthropes especially were rat thieves and assassins.

The PC's made their way through a series of access tunnels between the diesel punk style city floors and dodged through some of the elaborate pipe workings only to deal with another mercenary faction the Tcho-Tchoids that had been hired by a cult of vivamancer gnomes whose behind all of this. The Tcho-Tchoids are actually working for the Mi Go to secure the Elves's brains and organs. These Elves were actually created as biological components for space craft eons ago and because of their 'immortal' they're actually worth a small galactic fortune a piece. Each and every part can be used as a part of a drive system or other interstellar craft components.
The PC's almost bought it when they ran into a bio mechanical trap left by the Tcho Tchoids in the tunnels and had a devil of a time disarming the thing only to stumble upon a warehouse where the various forces were loading up a space craft for take off back out to the Outer Worlds. Just as an Aeropile circled over head and the warehouse roof  opened up.

1d6 Random Encounters Among The
Pipe Works Table
  1. 1d4 mercenary technicians working on random city infrastructure projects, they may be bribed to 'not see anything' or might be plants working for the city's thieves guilds. There is a 30% chance that they might be  2nd level scientists 
  2. Giant Rat pack working its way through the Moscow's interior 
  3. 1d4 minor Chaos or infernal cultists using the city's tunnels to get around under the city. Looking for sacrifices. 
  4. 1d3 giant leeches dripping from the pipe works attracted by the humidity and weird radiations of the place. 
  5. Ghost of a technician who recently lost his life and has been abandoned by his fellows. He's pissed off, angry and very, very hungry for life force. 
  6. City sewer patrol armed with small arms and looking to keep places down here clean of infestations of mutant creatures. These guys and gals are 3rd level fighters with hair triggers but may try to recruit PC's for help.

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