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Wandering Among The Urialian Space Pirate Empire - A Pre Golden Age Science Fiction & Fantasy Campaign

So for the past couple of months in fact close to a year now I've been quietly running my Warlords of the Outer Worlds OSR campaign. Its been a real blast, a healthy mix of post and pre Golden age science fiction and dark fantasy. The PC's recently arrived in Moscow which is under the domain of the Uralian space pirate dynasties. The PC's fought their way through the planes and finally arrived in the city state of Moscow on the trail of some slavers. This Moscow is a multi layered pulpy nightmare of a city with lots happening inside of it. There are levels of urban nightmare above and below, the lower one goes the more black market & alien the landscape gets with contraband cargoes and more for sale.

Russia have become a bastion for all kinds of monsters both from myth and legend and a vast influx of horrors from outside of the dimensional gates and interstellar reaches. Only the machinations of brave warriors and wizards has kept the darkness at bay. The skies are home to vast fleets of skyboats and anti gravity air craft who try and keep a handle on the abhuman mutant tribes out in the wastelands. It is a time of savagery & horror but also great heroism. When heroes rise from among the common man and the monsters claim the night.

 The Urilians control the scattered Russian city states with an rough and tumble organization of councils and petty kingdoms. They sometimes war among themselves but often external threats from without draw the people together. Things from beyond the Outer Darkness wait to feed on the souls of humanity or do worse.

The Dynasties of the Urilian Pirates

 The space pirates of Uralia, led by its ruler Boris Zandrozov, create valuable anti-gravity fuel sell it throughout the galaxy. The Uralian pirates are descendants from Russian and European space colonies from after the Atomic Wars on Earth. 
Their name is a play on the Ural Mountains, a Russian mountain ridge that serves as the dividing line between Europe and Asia.
They have been a thorn in the sides of many corporate scavenger fleets over the centuries and continue to plague the space lanes well into the 25th century. 
These brave men and women create portable star ship bases within the ionospheres of gas giants throughout the intergalactic stage. Many ship captains will not risk the potential loss of life and limb to capture these madmen of the star ways. The usual tactic for these daring bastards is to stage several hit and run raids on caravans then retreat. They have been known to sell back the stolen cargoes to the mega corporations that they raid from. 

The Uralian Space Pirates use several "Long Haul" Deep Hyperspace ships designs to venture into the richest areas of the Chasm. They are combination of spacer, space pirate, and mercantile combine. They manufacture some of the fastest ships in the Talon Sector. 
They are a force to be reckoned with and have been resisting the Corporates for centuries . Some of their most influential members include : Boris Zandrozov, General Gubovich, Colonel Valdov, Colonel Sklar,

The royal dynasties use every trick in the book to try and gain the upper hand in a world gone mad even as they reach for the stars for the next innovation. The darkness waits to swallow them up even as they wait patiently for some lone adventurer to unearth a relic or artifact from the wastes that will allow them to move two steps ahead in their race against the darkness. Only you brave adventurers might help to uncover that next one piece of the puzzle to turn back the darkness at least for a little while. Will you be that brave warrior?

Further Notes On Running
Warlords Of The Outer Worlds

This is a post apocalyptic setting drawing heavily from both Russian fairy tales and pre Golden Age science fiction with a healthy mix of OSR material. Many of the Pre Golden Age resources are public domain and readily available.   The majority of people are simply struggling to stay alive as black magick and Chaos cause all kinds of havoc at the outer edges of reality. This is a setting in need of heroes and that's where  your PC's come in. Walking the razor's edge between tyrants, mad men and wizards they hold back the night at least for a little while.

Among the Uralian Empire's nights there are many monsters and strange things from other worlds hunting the human population especially at night. The night has become a place full of dangerous monsters and ancient things of sorcery whose turned back by the light of heroes. Men and women try to help where and when they can. They don't always succeed.

Six players are now braving the wastelands in search of adventure and old school pulpy science fantasy fun. More to come!

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