Thursday, January 7, 2016

1d20 'What's In The Dead Space John's or Pimp's Pocket' Table For Venger Satanis's Alpha Blue Rpg System or Your Old School Campaigns

Among the wanderings of adventurers in the underworld of thieves, pimps, and space smugglers at some time there's going to be the need for this table because a DM never knows when a body or alien corpse might turn up in Alpha Blue.

1d20 'What's In The Dead Space John's or Pimp's Pocket' Table
  1. Two tickets to the Snake Pit strip joint along with three free drink vouchers for the Tech Noir bar and grill. 
  2. Android brain core and pleasure center off of a type six pleasure droid worth about six thousand blue bucks. 
  3. Large soft ball sized EMP device that can knock out eight city blocks worth of electronics and high tech machinery 
  4. A bloody liver from a film critic wrapped in butcher paper along with seven small blue bucks and a note about a summoning spell for a minor literary demon. 
  5. A small collection erotic alien figures that are worth 5000 blue bucks and a map hidden inside a small opening on the statue. 
  6. Sacrificial dagger made in the styles of Altar Iv along with a set of instructions on its uses
  7. Seven silver piece with various demonic  symbols melted into the face sides of the coins. 
  8. A large amulet from a lost race of aliens, the thing is actually a holo map of the local planetary system with notes in a high Yithian. 
  9. A strange ball like object that has various bits for plugging in biological and cybernetic devices into it. This device is a holographic porn hub but its actually the highlighting device for a vast array of alien minds that now rule from beyond the grave. 
  10. A key to the man's ride that's parked nearby. 
  11. Blaster rod pitted and lightly damaged that contains a full charge and is capable of doing 1d6 points of damage within a twenty foot radius. 
  12. A black book containing the numbers for many interstellar crime families and members of the syndicates. They'll be curious about how you came to have this book. 
  13. A psychoactive compound that has to be rubbed onto the hands or appendages. The victim must make a save vs poison or be caught in the grip of a cosmic vision of monstrous hellscape like blurs of reality. This effect can last from one to six hours. There is a 30% chance of being caught between realities or having a Lovecraftian demon noticing you. 
  14. This fool had on him a +2 cosmic switch blade and an Eighties Walkman with a Back To the Future soundtrack in it. 
  15. A pack of marbles which are actually mini  grenades that do 2d6 points of damage to victims within a ten foot radius. 
  16. A Sandman pistol without an energy cell. Half a pack of used Doppelganger condoms various species. 
  17. A book of Lost Spells, use your favorite OSR system for these. But they will most likely be from the black magick school 
  18. Highly detailed black book for a variety of high profile interstellar politicians, pillars of galactic societies. Rife with black mail fodder and various bits of fetishes and detailed accounts.
  19. A map of down town and the underworld that happens to be below it. There is a 10% chance of local assassins and there's a bounty on whomever has this map.
  20. A strange statue of a space god who seems to be watching out for others. The relic is very dangerous because those who possess it may call upon the god once per week. There's a 3% of some minor demon showing up to claim those who violate the rites of the statue and its alien owner. 

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