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Commentary On Venger Satanis Girls Gone Rogue Supplement Kickstarter & D6 Random Encounter Tables for The Alpha Blue RPG System

The latest news from Venger Satanis is a new adventure supplement for the Alpha Blue rpg system called Girls Gone Rogue which is up on Kickstarter right now. According to his blog;"Yep, I'm back at it again.  Here is my latest Kickstarter project Girls Gone Rogue.  It's a companion volume to Alpha Blue, filled with tables galore and fleshed-out adventures! If you enjoy sex comedies and vintage sci-fi from the 60's, 70's, and 80's, this is your lucky day."


The basic mission adventure goes something; "Basically, a sex-bot by the name of Ilsa SS has gone berserk and is killing high-ranking officials of the Federation.  PCs are "persuaded" to seek and destroy her.  Everything else flows from there or is some kind of unrelated side-adventure." So what we're looking at is a kitchen sink adventure approach which given the number of tables and ideas here could be an adventure that is slightly different each and every time you run it. Alpha Blue is about as adult and non politically correct as you can get and given the style of the other Venger Satanis products  Girls Gone Rogue isn't going to be any different in that regard.

"Bubba Fatt's junkyard"

So what we're looking at is a mini adventure campaign in the spirit of the Outer Presence and Alpha Blue. I'm going to be happy to see this project funded and supported.I'd be interested to see what wild and woolly things that Venger is cooking up for this upcoming product. But it has me thinking what would I add into this mix? Maybe a D6 random encounter table of 'space scum' and 'not so squeaky clean space heroes & adventurers'

Space Scum is the general term for the side kicks, weirdos, mutants, and all around disgusting little cretins who seem to attach themselves to star ship crews and act as NPC henchmen. They have perhaps 1d4 minor abilities and more then slightly disturbing hobbies . They act as hirelings and henchmen with a passion for wanton destruction and weird deviant behaviors. Space Scum gain +1 on Strength, and a +2 on all checks involving alien technologies, torture devices and mad science technologies.

1d6 Random Space Scum Encounter Table 

  1. Belraglak Miatugolrgimo is a small and thin wart covered little piece of space trash that drifted in on the solar winds. He's served emperors, space tyrants, dictators, adventurers, and heroes alike. He has 1d6 minor mutations and is somewhat of an adventurer and thief in his own right. He carries a blaster and has a mad scientist tool kit, on the side he works for several slaver outfits and isn't above turning over a party to his investor friends for a quick blue buck 
  2.  Eglroturo The Wicked is a gill man boot licker and weirdo who collects the lungs,eyes and genitals of his victims. He works for the highest bidder and is a competent mad scientists in his own right. He loathes adventurers and yet works with them when he has to. He is currently between jobs and on Alpha Blue getting laid. 
  3. Kangurgw The Mutated is a nine foot tall giant from Thule whose distinctive tiger like  body and skin pattern has made him a target of bullies since he was a child. He was toughened by combat and violence yet he's also one of the most dangerous bio geneticists and authorities on mad science as you will meet. He's a dangerous combination body guard and spacer scum who works for both heroes and vile villains. His sexual deviance makes Alpha Blue a prime stop for his 'needs' whatever those are. 
  4. Robarncagw The Wilde Man of Shatha Eight - Part eight foot tall hair ball and cannabel of humanoid species. The wilde man is a technician of incredible complex traps and mechanisms, he loves to construct diabolical traps to catch, as well as  feast on thieves and adventurers. His other past times are spent on Alpha Blue. He's considered a zeta level threat in the Federation and has two death sentences in various systems. He loves to gamble and spend his earnings, he's often between jobs on Blue. 
  5. Carotharorguro The Clever - Also known as Carotharorguro The Meaningless this weird little man is looks as if he walked out of a horror film from Earth's Forties but he's one of the best mad scientist's and philosopher's you're bound to meet. His problem is that he constantly mutters to himself about his next mission and the ramifications of his place in an uncaring universe. There are several adventuring parties who have committed suicide after being with him for six months or more in space. Many adventurers use his services sparingly even though he's one of the best in the mad science and lost technology game. 
  6. Drianaurund The Wrong Headed - Is an eight foot tall incredibly well muscled man with the head of a Deep One that was a part of a teleporter accident. Drianaurund used to be a barbarian warrior of incredible renown but has since gained the alien insights of the Deep One scientist after their merging. He is a wiz at forbidden or weird elder technologies and artifacts, but his deeply disturbing sexual behaviors have made him a being to be avoided. That being said he is the go to fish being for all things elder god on Alpha Blue.
When it comes to adventurers and heroes on Alpha Blue there are a number of cretins who have over the years passed themselves off as space heroes of the highest order. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sure they've got the square jaw, quick reflects, gimmicks, and a flashy space craft. These 'not so squeaky clean space heroes & adventurers' gain +2 on charisma and intelligence and have 1d200 blue bucks to spend on equipment but they also often have a 20% chance of having a tarnished reputation in any system that they go adventuring in. Alpha Blue often has three of these slime of the space ways waiting in the wings to seize any mercenary opportunities that come along.

1d6 Random 'Not So Squeaky
Clean Space Heroes & Adventurers' Encounter Table

  1. Rex Niabelothali Of The Interstellar Legion - Rex is a true blue space pimp of the highest order and opportunist whose got a gambling problem & runs the SSC Silver Vulture as a ship of fortune. He's also got six wives in nine systems who know each other and run an assassin's guild just to kill him and his crew. He also supplies slavers with adventurers when and where he can as well as taking them on jobs for everything their worth. He does however have twisted sense of honor and will stay bought as a contractor. 
  2. Glauldurcazg The Slug is a mutant slug who only wishes to be a hero but has become one of the most dangerous psychopathic killers this side of a certain Federation captain. He's also found himself in charge of a crew of space pirates and other scum who have set him up as their straw man interstellar crime lord captain. What no one knows is that Glauldurcazg is actually quite good at being evil and dangerous over the years and the stupid act is wearing thin. He uses Alpha Blue as part cover and part opportunity in waiting. The dope ring he heads operates out of the back of two rooms there. He's willing to help anyone for a price sometimes it happens to be their brain.
  3. Thavanglandulk The Man Of Action - Thavanglandulk is your cut and coffed space hero straight out the Seventies science fiction television shows of old Earth. With a dashing space crew and ever revolving group of female side kicks, he's the guy you call to be rescued and romanced. He's even got an eight hundred space phone number, but this is a man of action on retainer. With over a thousand crimes to his name and two murders of major figures of interstellar space. Thavanglandulk is actually a cynic and mercenary of the highest order who exploits every single life form he comes across. 
  4. Uglalkogorae Princess of Space is one of the most dangerous shape shifting  assassins to ever cross swords with Federation authorities. The problem is she doesn't actually remember who or what she orginally was. She's be operating in space for eons and money, power, fame, has always been hers. Operating the USS Golden Falcon Uglalkogorae is a force to be reckoned with but whose side is she on? She doesn't even know herself but she's prone to acts of cold and calculated evil from time to time then there's the matter of the occasional bouts of black wizardry and dark magick. 
  5. Vavan Of Elormonthan Six - Former milk maid and farmer, this space heroine has grown into one of the most dangerous and wanton space pirates around. She hand picks her crew from among the lesser dregs of Alpha Blue and uses them in many ways for six to eight tours aboard her ship 'The Black Wave', many don't return from her adventures. There always seem to be more and she uses her missions as cover for campaigns against a number of Alpha Blue factions but why isn't clear. Some dark and sinister force drives her on the space winds and she always willing to take the coin of certain fools. 
  6. Cabavazgorint The Brave is a true blue hero always willing to help those in need and dire circumstances unless your human in which case his fees are 1999 plus taxes per hour plus expenses. The USS Capitalist is his ship of choice and he sails the space ways looking for illicit opportunities to exploit humans in every way he can. The green skinned thing assumes the form of humans as a mockery of them and acts like comic book hero while collecting money and serving his dark gods. Every ninth or tenth mission on of his charges dies in a fiery explosion in space as a sacrifice to the black and unholy star gods that he serves.

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