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1d20 Random Gargoyle Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Created from the warped remains of souls that have finally submitted to the powers of Chaos and evil. They're former existences, lives, minds, and more have been finally scrubbed clean by the ever changing forces of eternal change and mutation. Gargoyles are monsters who are at once pathetic and incredibly dangerous, they're bodies wracked in a cold prison of unchanging stone like flesh. They're alien consciousness is locked within the frame of unholy flesh. Alien energies feed the thing but its talons long to rip apart the flesh of men. These beings serve a myriad powers from the Outer Darkness including the Great Old Ones and are often at the beckoned call of black wizards and occultists of the lowest orders. They will stand motionless for days, months or weeks unless called to action by trespassers or adventurers who cross their paths.

These monsters once summoned by a simple summon monster spell must be carefully commanded to guard a particular area or territory for they are violent and fickle creatures at best. At worst they are raving psychotic monsters of most terrible aspect. They eat what they can catch and haunt ruins, dungeons, and other places of black occult activity.

"One was a snarling, murderous, cat-headed monster, with retracted lips revealing formidable fangs, and eyes that glared intolerable hatred from beneath ferine brows. This creature had the claws and wings of a griffin, and seemed as if it were poised in readiness to swoop down on the city of Vyones, like a harpy on its prey."
Clark Ashton Smith, The Maker Of Gargoyles

It is known that there are some cults of dark aspect who promise their members immortality by duping these fools into rites of black magick that transfer their souls into the demonic hands beyond the grave to be transformed into these black monsters of myth and legend. These beings are raving killers of horrid aspect that vent their horror and violence upon their prey.

"Its companion was a horned satyr, with the vans of some great bat such as might roam the nether caverns, with sharp, clenching talons, and a look of Satanically brooding lust, as if it were gloating above the helpless object of its unclean desire."
Clark Ashton Smith, The Maker Of Gargoyles

1d20 Random Gargoyle Encounter Table
For Adventure Encounters

  1. Kinyakrn having fought the warriors of the colony worlds this being was promised immortality and an eternity of blood shed,violence, and malevolence. It has come to this place to over see its charge as its soul roils in chaos and violence waiting to be unleashed. This bastard gains a +2 on damage as little bits of chaotic energy leak from under its claws.
  2. Losortha was once the concubine of a black occultist and wizard, the mind and body has been cleansed leaving only the monster of black violence behind. Its claws now ache to rip into the soft flesh of man and serve her dark masters. She has a special hatred for wizards and keeps a fist sized ruby near her perch that reminds her of her old master's heart.
  3. Lot-inOllolha was once the product of a cult's breeding program and his own death came as a terrible shock to him. Now locked in immortal flesh of a gargoyle he longs for the moments of violence and murder when he is released back into life. He loves to serve his dark masters and his every action may result in explosions of violence and horror.
  4. Aurliggghan there are no words to describe the freedom that this existence gives once this servant of darkness broke from his alien master's yoke. Now the moments in eternity of bloodshed and murder satisfy those little pangs of insanity. This gargoyle has a small treasure of 1d6 trophies its taken from adventurers. It wonders if its dark masters may call upon it again.
  5. Boicyal has become the avatar of the Dark Ones to a local cult of 1d6 Lovecraftian cultists lead by a dark wizard of 4th level. This gargoyle has come to relish its position of murderer and assassin to its master. A violent and yet silent soul, this being's eyes betray its thoughts of wanton chaos and depravity.
  6. Chorlama was once a princess who was sacrificed to the dark gods and gave into her own base nature. Now she is a creature of chaos who flits from world  to world on her wings driven by her dark masters. She has served kings, princes, princesses, priests and black clerics all. Some have died on her claws and others have rewarded her for her service but this gargoyle has a few agendas of her own. She has become an information broker among the cults of chaos and has an agenda of a cult of her own on her mind. But this creature is prone to violence and lashes out at the world.
  7. E'ephu was a monster from the beginning and has taken on the mantle of assassin and guardian to numerous cults over the eons. Now he has become a dark avenging angel who destroys those who take the treasures of his dungeon home.
  8. Phusothal is a former black cleric whose gods rewarded him with the body of a gargoyle and whose mind snapped and fractured under the yoke of his change. Now he is a stalker of the wasteland murdering those who come across domain and scattering their organs to his masters.
  9. Rllotlot watches over a black altar of the Old Ones and comes to life to end that of those who would violate his charge and take the treasures that adorn this place of black worship. He worships their ever changing aspects as he can't partake of any more blessed sacraments of chaos himself. He has two magic swords to deal with very troublesome violators.
  10. Uggghothak was a wizard of the blackest aspect whose service must continue throughout the eons. His masters refuse to let him die and he spends his days in quiet observation of the blackness of the darkness of the Outer Realms. That is until he is needed, he still knows a bit of magick and has three minor spell books hidden nearby.
  11. Charitulldrorm was once known as the blue wanderer a murderer of such lethal cunning and dangerous aspect that mothers would frighten their children with his name and death was no release. This being was brought back by his black demonic master to serve again. It retains its murderous impulses and has a +2 collection of daggers and tools of murder serving the local cult of Lovecraftian worshipers of horror.
  12. Doba The Wise is a gargoyle of ancient aspect whose survived thousands of years and is the veteran of three chaos wars. It has come home to its ancient roosting site to contemplate the long years of eternal Chaos and now seeks a great treasure to guard. Its masters watch through its eyes and it comes to bless the local cult as it takes victims as it will with powerful +1 horned claws.
  13. Dulazgug is the product of a diseased mind of a god warped around the soul of an ancient mad man whose now the guardian of a debased treasure down in the dungeon where this bastard has come to call home. A very violent and dangerous beast who loathes humans.
  14. Ethai was the product of a cult of dark druids who sacrificed her to the gods and had her transformed into this beast. Now she stalks the dungeons seeking out the next victim to take to her dark masters in blood and torment. She has a small garden of poisons that she uses to coat her claws with.
  15. Ethardringl has lichen and dangerous fungus growing on its hide, there are 1d4 small violet fungus upon its body and it sings praises to its masters as it claws and rakes its victims.
  16. Faegori is the muscle for a  gang of Lovecraftian assassins who use dangerous rites and creatures to carry out their contracts. This gargoyle has two dungeons that it shifts between and uses its contacts to seek out sacrifices for its dark masters.
  17. Goldr has flecks of gold in its hide, the result of a treasure melting and splattering this monster. He retains a small occult aura around him from his blessings by his gods who saw fit to make him a deadly combatant. This gargoyle carries a strain of the Red Death upon his claws and often uses his ability to pass on the curse of this supernatural disease.
  18. Guaurorcalor was once the head of a kingdom's infrastructure but served two masters, in the end he was taken by his Outer World gods and turned into this beast of a monster. He now dwells in the ruins and dungeons in the underworld howling his 'praises' to his unholy gods. Once per new moon this being is able to curse a victim and take their souls as fodder for his Lovecraftian masters.
  19. Koririr this being is an amalgam of two lovers who pledged their souls to the demons and gods of the Outer Darkness. They have become locked in one being as a merged murderous soul that seeks out lovers and ends their lives with violence. That is when it is not serving a cult and its dark head. This being is more then slightly tortured and insane. It loves gems and jewels, it has a small cache of these baubles that it plays with. It also loves the color of eyes and has a small collection of those as well.
  20. Barogbab is the cursed head of a small rival cult who has come to serve his dark masters as muscle to a local wizard and watches over a small coven's meeting hole. This gargoyle loathes itself and takes its frustrations out on victims in dangerous ways carving weird designs into their flesh with its +1 claws.

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