Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Edition of The Warriors of the Red Planet Rpg System Coming Soon For Your Old School Campaigns

So I didn't really get a chance to put up the other announcement that caught my attention way back January fourth. Warriors of the Red Planet rpg has a new edition coming out! I love this game, there are some really nice fiddly bits under the hood and its got some freaking cool artwork and a few changes.
From what I've seen on the Original Edition's blog:
  • Re-layed out in classic "original edition" style.
  • Edited with feedback from players.
  • More complete combat tables.
  • Updated Scoundrel "skills" (probably the only real, and consistent, criticism of the beta).
  • Over 50 new illustrations. Yes OVER 50! Whew!
  • Little tweaks and improvements throughout.
  • A table of contents.
  • An alphabetical index!
  • A better map of Mars.

"This will be available in both print and PDF editions (yes, the long promised and anticipated PDF).
The layout is done. I have 2 illustrations left to finish.
There have been quite a few Sword & Planet RPG's released over the years, and I've read and played just about every one of them. There have been some good ones, and some not so much, and everything in between. In my humble opinion Al Krombach has written the best one. I hope you agree."

I'm really excited to see this system getting a bit of an update and up grade, the fact is that I've played and used this game with OD&D a number of times and it works on a multiplicity of levels. Old school play, good solid character generation, an actually useful Mars campaign setting, and plenty of room for dungeon master DYI adaptation at the table top level.  Can't wait to see when this hits the OSR wilds!
Don't forget that there's a very active Warriors of the Red Planet G+ group as well.

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