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1d12 Random 'What The Space Adventurer Left Behind In The Bed' Table & The Random "What's In The Space Police Evidence Auction' Table For The Alpha Blue Rpg System Or Your Old School Space Campaigns

Adventurers of all walks of life pass through the halls of Alpha Blue & once done with the dirty space deed often forget or leave behind pieces of equipment, space treasures, and other forms of payment for the staff of the space brothel. Here then is a D12 table to help a DM fill out the rates of starting equipment as the staff of Alpha Blue often has some rather unique things for sale often times keeping an item or two on the back afterburner for sale to make a quick blue buck or two.
1d12 Random 'What The Space Adventurer Left Behind In The Bed' Table
  1. A pair of matching synthetic pearl handled laser pistols and a quick draw rig done up for a typical biped. These beauties have matching high end tracking sensors that gain a +2 on attack rolls and trick shots. Don't mind the stains on the triggers. 400 blue bucks for the pair and rig
  2. Wrist blaster with quick release for delicate limbs, they have a hair thought trigger on them. Very quick and deadly. 300 blue bucks
  3. A motion sensor badly acid burned but very reliable 60 blue bucks 
  4. laser sword finely made with a red blade and a slight cut above the hilt but +1 weapon 
  5. star book of forbidden spells of Thule (See Crimson Dragon Slayer for spells or your retroclone of choice) mostly grey spells with a smattering of black spells. 200 blue bucks and finely bound in leather and humanoid flesh 
  6. Weapon or tool +1 made for tendrils and slightly slimy to the touch, it moans when handled
  7. +2 staff of malice with some light carbon scoring half way up the hilt. 
  8. A light weight vest that hides the wearer's IR and UV signature from sensors. 2000 blue bucks and its purple with green Eighties highlights 
  9. War bot head that has laser eyes and mini flame thrower in the mouth, carried like a Jack O lantern with a handle on the head. The thing works and has an internal mini energy battery. 
  10. Pulsing pink and green cube that flashes orange when danger is approaching. 100 blue bucks and it may have other functions but damned if the space hooker knows what those other functions are. 
  11. Pleasure Pistol that creates a massive orgasm in its target rendering them helpless. Works as a stunner in the Alpha Blue game. 400 blue bucks and it needs a bit of TLC and cuddling after it hits its target. 
  12. A cybernetic hand with a mini A.I. built within it, this thing used to belong to a space tyrant but he's been murdered in a round of palace rebellions. It has a stunner, laser pistol, wielder and ray pistol built into its fingers. The thing is called Frank and has an agenda of its own but is more then willing to work for a new owner. 2000 blue bucks and it has papers to prove its heritage. 

The Federation and many of the intergalactic police departments hold annual evidence auctions and many adventurers use such operations to fill out the ranks of equipment and weaponry. Many of these departments make a quick buck and follow the trail of these items so they can once again arrest the perps and start the cycle of profit all over again. This does not stop adventurers from taking full advantage of the circumstances.

The Random  "What's In The Space Police Evidence Auction'
  1. High end space coupe perfect for adventurers on the run, and exploring in pimping style. Able to handle six adventurers in style. It used to belong to a high end intergalactic drug lord but don't worry he's dead and none of his family would want this sweet ride back. 30,000 blue bucks and its yours. 
  2.  A set of high end blasters hardly used for 5000 blue bucks with power packs. Perfect for those adventurers on the run. 
  3. A set of high end bounty hunter armor with some add ons don't mind the carbon scoring and the bits of powder in the joints. 
  4. bio engineered android body guard who might contain a treasure map or three. 4000 credits for this man servant and butler unit. Answers to the name Reggie
  5.  Astro mech robot that has seen some serious stuff, he's an ER 306 unit that has served aboard three or more pirate vessels 600 blue bucks and he needs some work. 
  6. Sporting blaster rifles, intergalactic hunting gear and android bearers all recovered from a high end hunting party some months back. The previous owners were turned to powder. 7,000 including a small shuttle for interstellar big game hunting.
  7.  Unlicensed nuclear accelerator and paranormal traps and these are full. Used in a heist of some crown jewels from an alien space dungeon. The guardian entities are still in them. 600 blue bucks and disposal is your problem.
  8.  Nasty 5 inch silver murder bot that has a proto humanoid brain inside of it and wide variety of psychotic weapons. The thing is programmed for body guard duty and has been known to go a bit hey wire. 300 blue bucks 
  9.  A red star sword that was used to murder a diplomat from an extinct planet. +1 sword and it has evil tendencies.
  10.  Purple hued evil sword from Thule with an agenda of its own and a typical +2 blade. It can use 1d3 spells per day on its own. 500 blue bucks because its still mourning its previous owner.
  11. Demonic hover board with an array of dangerous weapon systems on it. 400 blue bucks for most of the collectors of this sort of thing. The owner will have to dominate it to control it. 
  12. Fist sized magic ruby from Thule containing the soul of a black magician it allows  its owner to cast 1d3 spells but the owner must contend with the black magician's own agenda. 5000 blue bucks

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