Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Warriors of the Red Planet Rpg Artwork Update and A Random Princess NPC Encounters Table

I keep seeing pieces of artwork coming out of the Warriors of the Red Planet rpg OEF blog and want to really get my hands on the latest incarnation and edition of the game. Here are three inspiring Martian warrior princesses from the upcoming edition.

These fine pieces of artwork inspired me to come up with a quick random encounter table for exactly just this sort of ladies that PC adventurers might run into.

1d20 Random Martian Warrior Princesses Encounter Table
  1. Drian The Dauntless - This fourth level scoundrel is the widow of a displaced noble whose house has been destroyed by green men warriors. She has taken up the mantle of the scoundrel to avenge her house and husband, she has become a prime opportunist and wise business woman of the wastes looking to exploit others for her own gain. She will hire other adventurers to help with missions and as back up but she is very good with a radium pistol or short sword.
  2. Egonguar The Wise is a princess who has been a mentalist for fourteen dry and hot seasons of the Martian desert. She practices the ancient mind sciences and is a 4th level mentalist adapt at her abilities and clever tactics. She uses fellow adventurers for both protection and as muscle. She can be very dangerous in high pressure situations and is a displaced lowlander princess in her own right.
  3. Eguinc low born lady warrior and mercenary whose own party was murdered she has become a crack pistol shot and 5th level fighter. She has two relics from her former team mates and uses a combination of close in fighting techniques with her short swords.
  4. Ellari the Blood Handed raised by Green Martian gladiators and trained in close fighting techniques for flashy kills. The Blood Handed has earned her name in the deserts fighting raiders and claim jumpers for over two years. 4th level fighter and warrior, The Blood handed uses here quick combinations and flare to get the job done. She loves to make quick cash by hooking up with other parties of adventurers but then moves on. She seems to be looking for someone but whom it is not clear.
  5. Gungl The Scarlet Scoundrel - This outlaw princess has made a name for herself raiding caravans and riders alike. She uses two twin gold radium pistols and her guile to take prizes deemed impossible. She often recruits adventurers as part of her temporary outlaw gangs.
  6. Iaurca The Ice Queen is a mentalist para excellence who uses mental powers to rob victims of their free will while lining her pockets. She uses her abilities to run outlaws and gangs to do her bidding for some of the take. She can be very dangerous.
  7. Kalildrorulo is a renegade scientists and failed mad worker of perverse science who seems to be searching for her former lover out in the wastes but she practices forbidden sciences at least seven times a day. She frequently over reacts when some one doubts her abilities and strange attachment to an ancient talisman from the high land ghostly temple. She frequently gets away with bloody murder because of her striking good looks and the fact that she seldom takes any adventurers on for more then four missions. 
  8. Sharth - Dark priestess and mistress of the evil circle of black hearts, this lovely lady has the bearing of a low lander bit the heart of a demon. She uses evil magick to recruit adventurers to recover some of the ancient relics she frequently needs.
  9. Tharo The Thrice Blessed is a warrior queen who has a mysterious past with several high Martian houses but uses some  most dangerous ways of getting into a high stakes missions. She employs adventurers as needed.
  10. Thuthia is a dry sea floor noble woman whose taken up the mantel of the adventurer and 4tgh level scoundrel. She uses others for her devious ends but pays well.
  11. Vago The Dangerous is a fighter of the blackest heart who appears as a sweet girl but has the heart of a mercenary boss. She is confident that no one would kill such a beautiful woman as she uses adventurers by the score for various jobs.
  12. Vandrau is a former princess whose turned scoundrel and torturer., She makes raids into some of the most ancient caravan routes and uses adventurers and outlaws for clean up. 
  13. Vazgodu The Dangerous is a warrior of 4th level who frequents several dives in the lower Martian cities. She makes frequent use of adventurers for relic recovery. She uses and befriends adventurers as needed.
  14. Wenglautu is a former scientist of one of the noble houses that found herself out of a job because of the politics of her family. She became a scientist who works for the highest bidder
  15. Wethaur is a mentalist who uses mind crystals to augment her gifts and mental sciences. She is wanted in connection with two assassinations and is forced to act through proxy adventurers. Very dangerous and some what psychotically unbalanced.
  16. Ngulingo The Shape Shifting fiend, this lady uses a combination of disguise, torture, and sweet looks as a she takes another's place on the move in the chain of command.
  17. Onglalrgor This priestess of the old gods knows many of the secrets of her tribe and uses all of the gifts she has to compete among her crew.
  18. Faeldo The Mutated - She was once a princess but became a science experiment and gained mental abilites. She is still beautiful but is now searching for a mate among the various royal factions on Mars. She runs the factions and adventurers she hires as she runs her business.
  19. Glaka is a warrior princess and keeps herself amused with her traveling companion the Minstrel Bre'ruthu the Loud.
  20. Urtungia is the former head of a thieves guild and assassin that has now become the head of an adventurer's agency hiring outlaws and petty adventurers for high risk jobs.

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