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'These Are The Voyages of The USS Perseus' A 70's Sci fi Inspired Beta Max Black Stars Without Number - Actual Play

You can blame the Exonaughts Blog for this quick mid Fall campaign of Stars Without Numbers inspired by this Space 1999/Original Battle Star Galactica mash up video.
 You can find it right over
This campaign picks up after contact at the end of the fan video with my twisted version of star trek  and my 'This is not our world'campaign.

These are the voyages of the  USS Perseus (an Antares class vessel)  a mercenary/ survey star  ship on its continuing mission of exploration, surveying the cosmos and finding traces of the Lords of Cobalt.
Now begins the quest for Moonbase Alpha. The moonbase has been lost to the cosmos and only now is mankind become worthy of its legacy. 

Today's episode finds the crew of the Perseus detecting strange readings of an unknown spacecraft. A gigantic derelict craft floating in the blackness of space.
The design is truly ancient and very advanced. The PC's are filled with both awe and trepidation over the appearance of this craft.

The crew begins long range sensor scans and detects an Eagle space craft in space dock with this alien derelict. There might be lifeforms aboard but the readings are very strange. There are also traces of odd alien radiations. Several fields that sensors can not identify.

The crew has begun several passes over the ship and its environs before even preparing to land upon this gigantic vessel.

The vessel, drifting close to the ship's trajectory, measures twenty miles long by five miles wide. While Captain marvels that each deck measures one hundred square miles, the instruments register life signs.

They circle the immense vessel, unable to perceive any recognizable docking structures—until they are snared by a force-beam. All systems are smothered as the beam pulls the ship in and docks it at an airlock. Efforts to restart the motors fail, as do attempts to contact  the aliens.
 The ship  party is effectively trapped.
That's where we've ended the game so far!
The adventure set up of the Derelict 
For answers go right over HERE
The encounters, locations,monsters,etc are going to be done in the style of Mutant Future, with more then a touch of Metamorphosis Alpha 1st edition 
There will be various cultures per level, monsters from many sources, and more then a few twists. 
Right at the moment I've got six players. Its amazing how well loved Seventies science fiction films, science fiction literature, and various television shows are along with Saturday morning cartoons.
The word Space 1999 and Battle Star Galactica got me six players in the afternoon  and by evening they'd rolled up characters with back story.

 Much of this story is taking place in the same universe as the following : 

The Eugenics Wars And Beyond For Your Old School Space Opera

The Seeds of The Eugenics Wars And Beyond For Your Old School Space Opera Part II


  1. Just a lot of 'fun and games' while dealing with some of the stuff I've thought about since I was a kid. I've got some of the Appendix N stuff up but I've got to get more of this in the pipeline in the next day or so.
    By the Lords of Cobolt this is shaping up!
    Thanks for the comment!

  2. I love these mashups. It's almost as much fun to try and spot all the sources as survive the adventures.

  3. Oh I do have quite a bit of fun with these. They're interesting to say the least. Its a bit of a balancing act to find the doors that enable you to change or rearrange some stuff.
    My group calls this Erictrek. ;-)
    Thanks for the comment Tom. More to come.


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