Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Vintage Science Fiction Resources On The Cheap & Free For your OSR Science Fiction Campaigns

While on a recent trip to Good Will I spied these beauties and had to have them. These reprints came out aback in the 90's when the Tales From The Crypt show from HBO was at its height. 
The fact is that these comics were extremely well done for the time. The stories were short,sweet, and had some fantastic art work.

 The Warp Comic from First Comics is a whole separate blog entry.

The artwork is fantastic, the writing very well done, and these are pure EC goodness.

Utilizing EC comics for your Old School Games
These were done at the height of EC's ascent to comic book infamy. Each story is a self contained story done in the horror shock tradition. With a bit of imagination a DM can use these stories to have the PC's come upon the aftermath of such goings on. Some can also provide an adventure into themselves.
These are very easy to do with a bit of imagination.
The other find which might be of a bit more use is an old issue of StarLog Magazine. This was one of my rag mags that used to come like clock work in my comic box.

Star log was pretty much everything science fiction in the 70's and 80's. It's entire run happens to be available through the Internet Archive along with Omni Magazine.
Its all legal and free right over

 The original run of Omni can be found right over

All of these will provide a wealth of 70's and 80's nostalgia  as well as gaming goodness!
Fiction, stories by science fiction's leading authors, and loads of resource articles all free.


  1. If those are the Gladstone reprints, I grabbed them all when I was working the night shift at the local convenience store. Still have them (about 40 of them). I had them on-hand as inspiration as I worked on Cryptworld, in fact.

  2. Thanks for the comments Tim!
    Actually their 'Gemstone Publishing from West Plains Mo. Gladstone did the Scroog McDuck reprints which are killer.
    If you've got forty of these gems count yourself lucky! I've got a few of them here and there. I've never heard of Cryptworld though Tim. I'm going to have to look into that one! There will be more coming up.

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  4. Gladstone also did Crypt, Vault, and Haunt reprints in the 90s! They also released some Shock Suspenstories, Weird Fantasy, Weird Sci-Fi, and a bunch of the other EC classics. Good stuff.

    And Cryptworld is the new Pacesetter horror game from Goblinoid Games:

  5. EC classic stuff of epic proportions and very useful for science fiction rpgs!
    Can't wait to see Cryptworld!
    Looks really good! Thanks for the comment!


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