Thursday, September 26, 2013

Inside The Hive Wars - A 70's Sci fi Inspired Beta Max Black Stars Without Number Campaign - Space Salvage - Actual Play Part 1 - Ovions Rising !

For the past several months some of my players have been on hiatus for my Beta Max Black Book Hartford Edition of Stars Without Numbers.
That changed tonight when they picked up where we left off. Last time the PC's were running salavage on some Capital class ships on the edge of Phraint space. The PC's were caught in the grip of two rival hives acting out ritualized warfare and their war ships ships showed over the rights of salvage.
That's when it went all to hell!

With sheer luck and some really good rolls they managed to get the heck out  out of the system with their hyper drive carrier wreck and its ion system in tact.
The insectoids offered the party 1.4 million credits for the 

But there was another party stirring the pot and making demands of the hive. Another group of insects playing one hive off of the other using logic, trickery, and down right sabotage!

The Ovions have been expanding their influence very subtly over the last couple of months. This group of players tangled with them some months ago over the rights to a downed Eagle and its cargo of atomics!
The matter was resolved with a good bit of space combat and some downright hostile words.

 Now this same hive of Ovions were back and this time they were using a refitted 'Carrier' as their Hive.
The USS Pegasus has been dealing with their efforts in my other SWN campaign.
The Ovions are an invasive alien insect species in  Phraint space and they've been slowly making recovery efforts for some type of artifact from the Battle Star Lumeria. 

The party did not stick around to find out what the so called 'Control Metal' was or its connection to the Lords of Kobol.
Instead they beat it back to Phraint space and their pay day! 

The two mile megadungeon of the Battle Star Lumeria however remains two days journey from their correct position in Phraint space in the Talon Sector. 

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