Monday, September 23, 2013

Return To The Tomb of the Cylons Part I - Screwing with the Angels - Stars Without Number Rpg 70's Sci Fi - Actual Play

Artwork by painted by David Edward Byrd stolen from Space 1970
Right over HERE

Last night I got together with some friends to play out  the fate of the Hyper Space Carrier 'USS John Brown' and its brush with the Cylons. There are  eight players each taking the role of a group of disgraced Colonial Warriors who are actually on a secret mission to determine the fate of the John Brown.
They know that the Cylon Base Ship is gone. However that doesn't mean that the Cylons have not left traces behind. 

Details available right over HERE of the original mission. This information was available to the original players. 

The  Saggitaron IV system

Havard 7 is a gas giant with raging storms & a crushing gravity. There was something very wrong on the surface of the planet & the players knew it. They detected various metallic ruins & debris flying through the storm laced atmosphere & they wanted no part of it at first..
 There is a small mining outpost on the outer edge of the system. 

There is a small E type planet where 'Born Again Terran' colonists have terraformed and settled on the planet. They're actually the ones who've hired the players.

The players were aboard another refitted, "Antares Class star ship".  The USS Waterbury is a low risk, high profit merc ship which is actually an ship that handles high priory ultra black and ultra violet missions.
 They have various trained personnel on board for many missions. The players are playing the various department heads in this game.

There has been some evidence within the star system of 'Cloud Giant' activity in the past four million years or so. 

 Some ruins have been found but these have been nothing more then shells and the odd artifact. There have been concerns raised with the 'Council of Twelve' about this and the Book of Truth well as the clerics of the Order of Truth.
So far the system has been deemed safe for colonization.
The players have beamed down to the planet with old fashioned projectile weapons for close encounters of the fourth kind.

 Everything was going quite well when the 'Ships Of Light' showed up and things got complicated really fast! 

Possible encounters in the 
 Saggitaron IV system 1d10 
  1. Vagabond refugee star ships looking for work and possible worlds to colonize.
  2. A group of wandering star gypsies on a holy mission. Actually cut throats looking for possible targets. Trained in zero gee combat.  3rd level fighters SWN
  3. Wandering traders who will waste characters time. Actually religious zealots looking to convert folks. 
  4. A merc ship in deep sleep on its way to a mission. 
  5. A group of wandering performers working their way across the system. 
  6. A possibly ancient relic ship moving at sub light speed. 
  7. A group of traveling alchemists on their way to sell their wares. 
  8. A group of cultists and zealots looking for sacrifices and recruits. Passing themselves off as farmers and space ranchers. 
  9. A group of wandering robotic experts selling 1d20 units for resale and trade. 
  10. A cloud giant in hypersleep with weird weapons of mass destruction on his way to deal with a troublesome infection on a nearby planet! 


  1. Sounds like a great game. I dig the setting.

  2. Thanks Trey !
    This has been my kitchen sink setting with SWN. I do love just being able to 'let go' and get into some areas that weren't really touched on during the Galactica at all. More coming up tomorrow! Got to give a shout out to Exonaughts blog for kicking behind and getting me back on track with this fan setting!


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