Saturday, September 28, 2013

Vintage Marvel Star Wars Comics Tag Sale Find - More Resources On The Cheap For Your Old School Science Fiction Campaigns

So today's tag sale find in town today consisted of seven Marvel Star Wars Comics at the bottom of a box labeled 'sewing machine parts' from a tag sale!
Considered by many hard core Star Wars fans to be apocryphal at best these are in my humble opinion some of the very best sources of vintage Star Wars information for running an OD&D based Star Wars Game the way it was meant to be played.
These comics left the back door open for DM's to add or subtract much of the material that Marvel added between movies and it was pretty weird stuff. The comics treated lightly on the canon of the movies and was easily reconned when a new movie came out.
That didn't stop millions of OD&D players from using these comics as the basis for weird and wholly adventures in the past or West End Game fans from using these as canon for their campaigns as well.
These days Dark Horse has collected many of these into single volumes but to find these was a plus for my Saturday considering I only paid a dollar for the box!

 The other resources for Star Wars!

Want to go even further out in a galaxy far, far, away? How about a whole different take on Luke Star Killer? A whole different era of the Empire and when the Princess of Ondos
“needed help! 

Check out

A bit of some of my favorite West End Marvel Goodness can be found right

Leigh Brackett's
Empire Strikes back script

And of course the OD&D 1977 Star Wars forum right over

Some great stuff for your science fantasy adventures in other 
apocryphal universes of your own.
May the Bendu be with you always! 

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