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Review and Commentary on Audio book - OUTLANDERS 42 : Satan's Seed by James Axler For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

 Mark Ellis has time trawling Nazis, dinosuars, The usual Outlander crew, and a boat load of  pulptastic adventure in 'Satan's Seed'.
So I'm looking for more post apocalyptic goodness today when Mark Ellis pops this little beauty on to Facebook. I went downloaded it and basically spent the next couple of hours immersing myself into the world of the Outlanders. 

According to Ellis :
Y'know...sometimes even *I* wonder what I was thinkin' when I wrote all of those OUTLANDERS books for all of those years.

I'm focused on the audio book version of RAG BABY and then realized I never had listened to the GraphicAudio edition of SATAN'S this book I have time-trawled Nazi soldiers, nasty dinosaurs, Russian special forces a Teutonic femme fatale and special guest star, Aleister Crowley! And I mock Lost In Space...
 I liked it accept for the 'mocking Lost In Space' bit but that's Facebook. I'm a fan of the show actually but other then that the audio book lives up to what it promises.
Here's a sample 
Check out the sample--nice Daspletosaurus-eating-dead-guy sound effects.

Outlanders 42: Satan's Seed

The Plot according to the website : 
As humanity emerged from the rubble of nuclear war, so did history''s darkest secrets, deliberately concealed beneath a cunning web of lies, half-truths and contrivance. Now, as alien overlords ready their blueprint for absolute control over planet Earth, daring rebels fight back against grim odds and an enemy of superlative power whose only failing may be their inability to grasp mankind''s fierce will to survive.

The Cerberus warriors must endure the most frightening tests of their ingenuity when they discover secrets linking alien technology, Nazi time-travel experiments and a 260-year-old nightmare time-trawled in a new quest for power. The Pacific is swarming with SS troopers led by a dangerous woman and her strange adviser whose capacity for evil is rooted in the dark energy of the occult...

Using Satan's Seed As a Post Apocalyptic Adventure Blue Print 

I've used much of the Outlanders material before when I was running  a Gamma World 1st edition and Metamorphosis Alpha 1st edition campaign. This book is well done and for 20.00 you get a six hour ear candy job in the world of the Outlanders. That being said this is a pretty mature piece and the guts, gore, and more is there like any of the Outlanders stuff. The plot however does move along and since I've been looking into doing repairs along with listening to something fun and solid this seemed like a good place to start.
The villainess  is really nasty and worthy of using as diagram for an NPC of moderate power. Crowley is a douche bag and makes a great wizard ala Thunndar the Barbarian but that might just be me. The real stars are the Nazi here and as vile pulp villain forces these guys are perfect fodder.
 The adventure would make a perfect Mutant Future time travel cross over adventure. This could be a  sort of place holder adventure where PC's from various eras mix and deal with a very dangerous threat.
All in all this might make a nice set up for an adventure but wait till it goes on sale.
 If you want to know more about 'The Outlanders' go right over

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