Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Agents of Shield Television Review & Comentary For Your Old School Games

Its eleven thirty at night and Agents Of Shield is over and its been an interesting evening to say the least.
The fact is even though I watched the entire episode which was an hour its still grilling in my mind.
 If your expecting this

This isn't going to be happening.
The episode felt more then a bit rushed but its a very tightly packed show with lots of nods to things in the old Marvel tradition.
But if you blink then you'll miss it. The show's episode was very tight and there was a definite gather the agents feel to it with this guy in charge of everything.

The episode evoked a feeling of a new heroic age starting. This isn't so much a brave new world as a world that still reeling with the aftermath of the Avengers movies. The shadow is there but the show seems to be trying to edge itself from it slowly and with its own style.
If the show can get out of its own way and allow its own mirco corner of the  Marvel Shield television universe to develop then it might have a chance.

 Using 'Agents of Shield' For Your Old School OSR Game 

Through out the episode of tonight's Agents we were hit again and again how this was a brand new world and it really felt like the show was starting out with its own 'birth of a brand super hero universe' thing.
This however is television and ABC at that so it means Disney trying to keep and feel its way through the Marvel universe.
I was for a brief instant reminded of my days DMing Marvel Super Heroes and White Wolf's Aberrant game.
I've always loved PC's breaking out of the shadow of whatever 'ABC' alphabet super hero soup Marvel or any game presented to the players and more often then not the players made PC's that did.
We got within an hour nods to Marvel comics, weird tech, odd groups, compartmentalized shadow organizations, and lots of nods that can be utilized for a low powered, slick super hero game, and that's what works about both the show and a campaign like this.
This show's episode is the really the opener to the world that their working on. The formula could be used for a Marvel Supers game with little effort. Most of the material is available for a few download.
 I was entertained but its too early to tell where this show is going quite yet. I've got a very wait and see attitude for it.
If I was going to run something with this show then I'd be interested in being the guys who created this

For now these people while entertaining are still at level 7 while the fans are alright at level 8 and have been for sometime!

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  1. I enjoyed it immensely! I agree, it was pretty tightly packed, but then they had really high expectations to live up to. Here's hoping there's some neat twists throughout the season.

  2. I'm going to have to rewatch it to catch all of the references, clues, and what not again because I have a feeling I missed something. It really did what it was supposed to which was set up the viewers and keeping coming back. But it was pretty dense. The fans will catch more then me pal. Thanks for the comments and more to come.


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