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Review and Commentary on 100 More Odd Items To Loot Off Of Bodies In A Post Apocalyptic Setting From Fishwife Games For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

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There are times when a DM reaches the end of their charts and they need to stock the bodies of the mutant raiders  the PC's have just killed. They've reached the end of the tables in the Mutant Future rule book or worse the rules aren't handy!
What is a DM to do? The wasteland is filled with bodies to loot, vaults to break into and places to see!
Once again Dave Woodrum and Fish Wife Games comes to the post apocalyptic call with low price and high yield game supplements!

Here's the description from Rpgnow: 
100 More Odd Items To Loot Off Of Bodies In A Post Apocalyptic Setting
Beyond makeshift armor and assorted weapons, what else did those thugs/scavengers/mutants have on their personal possessions? Roll the percentile dice and consult the chart 1d4 times for each character. Some items might be of use, others not.

Samples from the list include:
01- 1 Eyeglass repair kit
15- 1d20 Assorted stick on decals
25- 1d4 Plastic soda bottles filled with water
30- 1d4 Tubes of moisturizing cream
45- 1d8 Packs of chewing gum
50- 1d8 Small bottles of kitchen seasonings
60- Cheap pocket LCD video game
75- Pair of classic canvas sneakers
90- Small USB cable
100- Welding hood

Page Count: 2 Pages (Includes cover)

Written By: Dave Woodrum

Using 100 More Odd Items To Loot Off Of Bodies In A Post Apocalyptic Setting
For Your  Old School Post Apocalyptic Games 
100 More Odd Items To Loot Off Of Bodies In A Post Apocalyptic Setting
Believe it or not this is actually a damn useful little gem of a list. This list can be used to stock the bodies in a vault, those raiders you just killed, that weird convenience station sale person whose corpse you just found, those people in the remains of that hotel, the body at the bottom of that elevator shaft, and the list goes on and on. 
Lists like these can sometimes seem to take on a life of their own inside POA games. They come out and go away depending upon encounters but that's really the beauty of this one. Unless your players have a copy of it. This one isn't in the DM's mutant guide or rule book this one is separate and that means less likely they'll find out what's coming up in the artifacts. 
For the money, this is a good solid list for those times when you need weird little artifacts and gizmos that won't break the bank or ruin the campaign. 
For a dollar this fufills so many needs in a campaign. Not every find is going to be a laser pistol or energy cell. A Cheap pocket LCD video game can be very useful as a trade item or as parts for something like a home made bomb or other useful applications. 
All in all I was pretty happy with this fine little addition to my post apocalyptic DM's arsenal 

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