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'These Are The Voyages of The USS Perseus' A 70's Sci fi Inspired Beta Max Black Stars Without Number Campaign - Inside Level One - Conflation with the Ovions. - Actual Play Part II

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These are the voyages of the  USS Perseus (an Antares class vessel)  a mercenary/ survey star  ship on its continuing mission of exploration, surveying the cosmos and finding traces of the Lords of Cobalt.
Now begins the quest for Moonbase Alpha. The moonbase has been lost to the cosmos and only now is mankind become worthy of its legacy. 

This adventure picks up right after the PC's have first gotten aboard the Darians derelict. The PC's haven't gone more then 400 yards into the ship when they're confronted with the first of the invasive species that they will encounter!
They find themselves coming face to face with a group of Ovion warriors. 

 The Ovions seem pretty peaceful and the PC's were alright with these insectiod bastards at first.
 The PC's were taken in by the Ovions kind words and seemingly peaceful intentions. They lead them to an almost resort like level.
Anyone who remembers the Battle Star Galactica movie remembers these monsters.
Here's the lowdown according to the Battle Star Galactica Wiki : 
Ovions are insectoid creatures that manage a mysterious gambler's paradise on the planet Carillon. They are one of the members of Cylon Alliance. Their extensive tylium mines are an extremely valuable asset.
The Ovions use Carillon's playground on the surface to attract their prey. The chancery is rigged to let the players always win, and there is grog and entertainment to keep the people occupied. Ovions occasionally prowl discreetly on the entertainment level, but generally remain out of sight. Individual humans are trapped selectively when they enter the elevator, and are taken into the hive-like structures underground instead of their desired destination. They are then placed into chambers which slowly transform them into food.
Cassiopeia is trapped in such a manner, until she is rescued by Starbuck and Apollo. They are presumably wiped out when Carillon is destroyed by the explosion of the tylium mines
(Saga of a Star World).

More information HERE
 Special thanks to Kindertrauma for the idea right over

They're an invasive species aboard the derelict and their Queen agrees to trade a bit of tylium for some technology. 

They will allow some of the crew of the USS Perseus  to beam over for R&R within their gambling halls and for resupply of certain ship essentials. 

The PC's began to wander the halls of the derelict and only too late learned that number one rule of dealing with Ovions! 
Never, ever trust the insect bastards.

It didn't take the PC's long to discover that 'they' and their crew would be part of the Ovions life cycle! 

A blaster party ensued and the  Ovions fared pretty badly as the PC's had to rescue their comrades.


The PC's mainaged to gain a few cases of Tylium before departing for ship and finding another airlock to get aboard!

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