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Exploration Of The Washington Monument Pyramid Mega-dungeons- A Mega Dungeon Location For Your OSR Retro - Future Campaign Part II

Alternative Monuments Washington Monument Pyramid

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The ruins of Washington are beyond the pale of the knowledge of most sane men. Our once great nation's capital harbors dark and forbidden secrets. and is now the largest Mi go hive up the planet. These once rich fields of knowledge and power are now the haven of some of the most vicious and toxic entities the Earth has ever seen.
These incredibly dangerous creatures crawl across the ruins of our nation gated in at the time of the Apocalyptic events of 1978! Washington was a planned city and these horrors from beyond time and space had access to the deepest secrets of mankind.
Within a few short years they have taken over the city through the gate of the Washington Pyramid. 
The rich fields of Washington are forever cut off from the explorers and seekers of truth almost for eternity until some brave fools free this region from the invasive species from beyond space and time!

A History of Blood and Tragedy 

The Washington Pyramid 

"The aptly named Peter Force suggested that George Washington be entombed within this colossal pyramid – a rather brutal monument in comparison to the sleek obelisk designed by Robert Mills. But even Mills’ initial design was quite different from what ended up being built. Mills originally proposed a four-sided pillar that was flat on top, and surrounded by a circular colonnade topped with a statue of Washington standing in a chariot. Inside the colonnade would have been statues of thirty prominent Revolutionary War heroes. This design would have cost one million dollars, a fortune at the time; cost issues resulted in the simpler shape that ended up being built."

Peter Force was in league with 'Dark Forces' and the building of the Washington Pyramid allowed the psychic forces from 'Beyond The Pale' to build until a dark symphony played its final movement in June of 1979 and the gate way opened to Yuggoth.
Time itself was frozen and the entire population was held in the thrall of one of the most insidious races of the Mythos.
The Mi Go had come to Washington D.C. and the world's largest hive was born!

 But the seeds for the world's invasion by the Mi Go were laid bare many hundreds of years ago when the city planners laid down the first brick of the city.

Here we can see the plans for the great 'Master Gate and Key' laided out in stark relief along the streets.
The gate was fed on the hate, horror, and intrigue of the politicians of the Ancients. Bathed in the blood of the wars and finally given over to the Mythos when the Atomic Fires baked the city in their fire.

What Is Below The City of Washington

Vaults, bunkers, weapons caches, artworks, and miles of tunnels snake their way through the rotten core of Washington D.C.. Here monsters roam the city and world below is just as guarded. 
There are uncountable treasures among the ruins of  Washington but these are guarded very well. It is said that there are many weird treasures locked away in the vaults of
Washington. Mankind was dallying with forces from beyond at the End Times Of The Ancients. Black Pearls, weird energy weapons, hidden underground bunkers, and the monsters of the Mythos all rub shoulder and claws here.
Yet it all comes back to the Pyramid of Washington where strange supernatural energies still course along the city streets. Zombies, undead, and weird creatures all exist along with the Mi Go who have carved out their own niche in the city itself. They guard the monuments and reflecting pools that are gateways to their world.
There are those who say that there are still undead politicians who are still giving speeches to hallow halls where no man dwells. Insane things mimicking their time among the living but lost to the ages. They are rumored from time to time to be found in the vast underground vaults below ground.
The Mi Go could care less.

 This is now their city and until the end of time when the old gods come back to war upon their horrid brethren the city of Washington will stand.
Stand and beckon adventurers from across the planes to their doom. 

 1d20 Random Encounters Among The Ruins of Washington D.C. 

  1. 1d6 Mi Go Warriors on patrol looking for victims for their vile experiments 
  2. A pack of 1d4 political zombies worshiping their once horrid masters in mocking praises. Also looking for brains. 
  3. A pack of ghoul adventurers looking for loot and remains. They will parley for the best pickings. 
  4. A star spawn on an errant for his priest and master Cthulhu
  5. A group of stragglers caught from a time warp look to be from the 1920's. Mi Go fodder in 1d30 rounds. 
  6. A Mi Go Queen and warriors on patrol. Very heavily armed and dangerous. 
  7. Another group of adventurers turned into zombies by the energies of the pyramid. 
  8. A dimensional shambler picking through the ruins for fresh meat! 
  9. A pack of mutant under feeders looking for slaves and experimental victims for their Mi Go masters 
  10. A group of run away humans with weird cybernetic attachments. Very feral and almost insane! 
  11. A group of mi go warrior things on ground round up! 1d10 of these horrid things crawling through the ruins. 
  12. A pack of robotic insects moving through the ruins for experimental subjects. 
  13. An escaped mutant horror looking for lunch. 
  14. An incredibly complex mechanism hovering through the ruins, lost and very dangerous! Armed with energy weapons and an attitude. 
  15. A lost group of phraints looking for an exit home. The Mi Go loath this species with a vengeance and they will be torn apart.  
  16. A group of Mutant Future adventurers lost among the ruins. 1st and 3rd level characters with mutations and some energy weapons.
  17. A feral pack of ghouls looking for zombies and lunch. Moving from shadow to shadow and keeping out of the sun. The zombies are too tempting a snack. 
  18. A floating cloud monster that moves across the DC sky looking for lunch and bodies. 
  19. A pack of 1d30 zombies who move as one and they are very animal like. They are max hit points. 
  20. A pack of hounds of Tindalos moving through time looking for time travelers or dimensional travelers.

    The Treasures of D.C. 

     DC is filled to the brim with incredible ruins of museums, galleries, and mansions filled with incredible treasures. Many of these are still sustained by horrid supernatural energies that flow through the leylines of the city brought to the center of the pyramid.
    Thirty immortal guardians stand guard over the treasures of the Pyramid and no one has lived to tell what it is!



    The leyline layout theory can be found HERE
     Information on the Mi Go can be found HERE

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