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Raid on The Pyramid Of London - A Mega Dungeon Location For Your OSR Retro - Future Campaign

 The Raid On The Pyramid  London’s Trafalgar Square

Alternative Monuments Trafalgar Square Pyramid

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In an alternative world Colonel Trench has gotten his way and a massive pyramid has been built in  Trafalgar Square in London. The pyramid would have been built in 1815, according to the original article :
"The massive monument would have been a military and naval memorial, with each tier symbolizing one year of the Napoleonic Wars." 

Yet there could be a much more sinister reason for this pyramid to be built! London’s Trafalgar Square sits on an intersection of some of the most powerful ley lines in Europe. This pyramid could have acted as a dimensional battery of epic proportions enabling the gates to the 'Other Worlds' to swing open. 
Perhaps the monument would have concentrated the incredible energies of this massive  dimensional flux into a huge battery chamber of  power! 
But to what possible end might this be? Could Colonel Trench have been in league with forces from beyond time and space. A pawn in a web of conspiracy and intrigue that stretch not only across this world but the very planes themselves. 
And what about the under structure of this massive monument of doom? 
London is a warren of tunnels stretching across hundreds of miles underground and this underground world snakes its way through the very core of the city. 
Who knows what bizarre rites, occult artifacts, and indescribable treasures await the fools ermm adventurers who brave this world? 

Whose Buried in The Pyramid Of London?

Alternative Monuments Trafalgar Square Pyramid

The Pyramid Of London might be encountered long after the occult plans of the architects and the builders of this vile edifice have built it.  This pyramid might in fact be a fully functioning temple of eldrith evil spreading its influence across the city and the world.
PC's might encounter it in an OSRIC game while plane hopping and begin to deal with its environs. The place the center of a world wide Lovecraftian cult of global proportions
In a Mutant Future game this place may have served its purpose and even now the ruins are still drawing madmen and adventurers to its halls and its sacrificial alters of doom!
But the question becomes who is using this edifice of evil?
For a game of OD&D this pyramid might be ruins of a once great monument corrupted by evil and now the seat of power for a snake cult of dire purpose and only the heroes stand in its way.

1d20 Random Encounter Table for The Pyramid Of London
  1. Lovecraftian serpent men  hell bent on keeping the doors to the world of the Old Ones open 
  2. Flying Polyps and their human minions who have breached time and space to bring a new age of horror upon the world. 
  3. A vast ancient red dragon and his undead lich queen who was once a Royal of incredible evil. A mad brotherhood of necromancers insures her immortality and her evil appetites. 
  4. A Star Spawn of Cthlhu has come home within the pyramid and awaits his master's return. The city is filled with zombies blasted into horrid existence by the presence of the spawn that even now rests in the pyramid itself. 
  5. A deadly brotherhood of assassins serves the dread vampiric royals who even now are enslaving London with their carnal appetites. 
  6. The pyramid is a massive grave for the populous of London after being devoured by Lovecraftian ghouls that swelled up out of the sewers of the city. Even now they worship a graven effigy at the pyramids heart. A treasure of all the gold in the city has been heaped around this horrid god at the pyramid's center. 
  7. A horrid invasion of Brain lashers has come from within the pyramid. They have sucked the city dry and even now plan on moving from world to world through the dimensional gate at the pyramid's center. 
  8. The pyramid is actually gateway to Underworld and even now the various demons of that plane are using Earth as virtual dumping ground for the vary worst of their ilk. A group of knights in power armor stands ready to kill anyone or any thing trying to leave this place.
  9. A bald horrid vampire lord stands at the center of the London Pyramid absorbing the magical energies and being worshiped blindly by his vampire cult of slaves. He is surrounded by giant mutated bats of horrid power. 
  10. At its core Azthoth spins madly and the city is abandoned except for the specter shadows of the population of London who watch and wait. They wait for adventurers to stumble into their city. They're very, very, hungry. 
  11. The pyramid is a hot bed of political intrigue for the various cults that compete for the favors of the Lovecraftian Gods. At its heart is a gladiatorial arena where specter sports are held every new moon. 
  12. The Pyramid is a new seat of power for Luz and his various cults and monsters. He is now ready to move into the world. 
  13. The pyramid has reduced London back to the Cimmerian Age and its population is now huddled warring tribes of barbarians living in its shadow. 
  14. There isn't anything in the pyramid for its a massive A.I spreading its signal to the human robots living in the shadow of the thing. 
  15. The pyramid is actually a construct of the Great Race of Yith and they herd thier human cattle for the 'Great Experiment' where they want. Massively powerful artifacts await the party that can make it into the megadungeon underworld. 
  16. The pyramid is actually the lair for an advanced group of alien animal headed gods who visited Earth thousands of years ago. The place is infested with their robots and spawn. 
  17. The pyramid is actually the abode of Shub Niggath and her progeny. Anything coming within 3 blocks of the place risks getting pregnant regardless of gender. The child will be horrible mutant creature of Lovecraftian heritage. 
  18. The pyramid is actually the abode of a massive undead cult and they've taken over London with plague and pestilence. There is a 40% of coming down with this disease of Biblical proportions. The undead will offer to convert you into one of their own for your own good. 
  19. The pyramid is actually a base for a group of Daleks of Doctor Who fame. They have invaded the entire city. 
  20. The pyramid is actually a staging ground for Tiamat and is her base upon this world.

    The Underworld of  Alternative London

There are miles of tunnels below London and the environs are fraught with their own ecology. Native slimes, molds, and various jellies will be the order of the day down in the Underworld here. There may be incredibly dangerous fey life forms here as well. The occasional plague zombie will show up as well. 

London is one of the most haunted cities in the world and if playing a post apocalyptic or fantasy game you can be sure to encounter one or more ghosts, ghouls, and things that go bump in the night. 
It has been rumored for decades of magicians, wizards, and occult societies meeting in the chambers under London. Other rumors of special things used for potent spells are found under London. I've heard rumors of powerful marijuana plants that grow underground and have never seen the light of day with incredible powers that are rumored to grow here. These plants may send the magic user are more of a trip then even he bargained for. 
There are also rumors of vaults of treasure from eons past stretching all of the way back to the time of Elizabeth the first. There are also rumors of high technological artifacts secreted down here before the Atomic Fires fell. There have also been rumors of weird alien treasures recovered from the various incidents of the 'Doctor'.
Then there are carvings dating back to the time of 'The Cthulhu Epochs'.
The rumors of these weird occult worlds are too numerous to list. This is only the merest scratch of  
The Pyramid Of London.


  1. More coming up later today Trey. I'll be getting more location encounters together very, very, soon.

  2. Lovecraftian Daleks that MAKE ghouls with negative energy rays, and 19th c. Druids that resisted them by giving adventurers medieval gear blessed during the Arthurian Age...

  3. Hey I'm open to that Lee! Its all about the alternative Earths Lee more coming up soon!

  4. If I remember correctly, the Difference Engine was housed in a huge London pyramid too.

  5. I believe that you are correct Tom! The difference engine was housed in a very well guarded pyramid in London. Who knows what possible treasures and dangers await our heroes below the world of London in this world!


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