Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Which Literary Space Captain I'm I Ripping Off For This NPC Table

Random Literary Space Man Table 1d20
  1. A former all time quarter back now turned space hero. Weird music plays in the background every time he appears. 
  2. A smuggler, rogue, and some say assassin who always shoots first. Assisted by a walking shag carpet of a space yeti. 
  3. A former space admiral and some say god who is now back among the living to lead the way into incredible adventures. 
  4. Former washed up corporate captain saddled with an android whose mission is to bring back a xenomorph specimen. 
  5. This overbearing and over confident captain comes from a family of wine growers back on Earth. He's always insufferable in any situation. 
  6. This older almost Biblical figure is looking for the promised land for his people. He's not as young as he once was but makes up for it with incredible experiences. May lapse into a speech. 
  7. This craggy faced war veteran has fought so many space battles that everyone seems etched in his face. A man always in command even when he seems to be relaxed. 
  8. This female captain seems to break not only stereotypes but balls as well. She is hard but fair and has a score to settle with a race of  Gigerlike mechaniod life forms. 
  9. This captain seems more at home on the open range then behind the console of a star ship. Don't let that fool you he's capable and confident as well as quick on the draw.
  10. This one eyed lady is as deadly as she's beautiful. Commanding, skilled, and with few bumbling side kicks she might get the job done. 
  11. This double headed captain owns the most improbably cool ship in the universe. Dealing with him is like drinking a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster though. 
  12. This large cranium alien captain is touring the galaxy even now but only reachable by an interocitor.
  13. This by the book captain is in charge of a bunch of space men that have been locked up in hyper sleep for two years. Very good at dealing with alien monsters from the ID. 
  14. This Hortio Horn Blower style captain makes up his own rules, lives dangerously, and no alien woman is safe from his charms. But he's loyal to his ship and crew! 
  15. This poor captain was badly scarred and burned by radiation saving a bunch of colonists. His mind is locked with his crippled body only able to answer by a red or green light. He has tons of experience to draw from. 
  16. This ruthless corpse like dictator of a captain is relentless in pursuing his enemies and has a battle station capable of blowing up planets to prove it. He may draw upon the power of his friend a cybernetic lich without fail. A very dangerous captain. 
  17. This family man commands a saucer that has been lost within the bowels of space for eons. Lots of experience but he won't desert his family. 
  18. This captain has been lost in time and space. He has a nasty habit of getting his companions lost or killed. He does however have a kind heart in fact he has two. 
  19. A cold blooded logical pointed eared alien captain with green blood. Very logical and very dangerous if crossed. 
  20. an Italian submarine skipper and UN Spacy officer who was involved in the refit of the crashed Alien Star Ship 1. Very experienced and loyal to his crew. Thousands of hours of space time. 

     I totally ripped this idea off from Jack Shear and he's got a great table of Rogues right over HERE.
     Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
    I thought I'd get in on the act. 

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