Sunday, September 8, 2013

Commentary and Review on the Gravity Movie Trailer for Your Old School Space Opera

So I'm hearing good things about the movie Gravity. Along with the usual remakes and such this might actually be the first high profile science fiction film that might have a chance of being something decent.
The basic plot of Gravity goes something like this according to IMDb:
A medical engineer and an astronaut work together to survive after an accident leaves them adrift in space.

There a number of retroclones that might actually have a chance to emulate this. The one that sticks in my mind is X plorers and its got everything you'd want to use in a situation/adventure based on something like this. 
Which begs the question. What happens when gravity is no longer a problem in the dungeon or mega dungeon. When Hulks and Horrors was just starting its Kickstart the question came up where do the rooms start and end when the ceiling becomes the floor and physics isn't your friend?
 The trailer looks damn fine and I'm all in to this so far. I've already seen the nit pickers going on about that there are no explosions in space.  Look its a movie so sit back and enjoy.
The idea of mapping out a spinning space craft and the idea of being stranded in space is a nightmare of mine. Dealing with all of the things that can happen. Well its something that has come up in every game I've seen remotely employing physics from Spell Jammer to Stars Without Number has been fun to say the least.
Another issue is monsters pouring out of every single edge and hiding place on a space craft is an old favorite of mine and its one that has kept my player on the edge of their seat. This trailer has brought that home to me once again.
So this looks very good. The ideas here are pretty clear and useful for an old school science fiction game.
 I'm going to be in the theater for Oct fourth when this comes out.
 More information on IMDB right over HERE

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