Thursday, September 5, 2013

Review and Commentary on The Free Mutant Future Supplement Written by Dyson Logos - Mutant Omega

"Mutant Omega: This Mutant Future supplement written by Dyson Logos introduces the in-game concept of "mutation scores," which are bonuses (or penalties) garnered depending on the strength of the mutation. All of MF's mutations are discussed along with how the score might affect them. There are also 20 new mutations listed." 

The last couple of days I find myself once again fading back into the radioactive induced haze of Mutant Future. I simply love post apocalyptic games. Its in my blood sort of like a contagion. Perhaps its because of blogs like 'the Savage Afterworld' whose been pumping out some really sweet encounters. Which I'm hoping to see put into a PDF soon.
One thing I wasn't aware of was a 17 page free pdf that's been around for quite a while by Dyson Logos.
Why the heck didn't I know about this. The document is freaking as brilliant as a mushroom cloud and it allows a much more customizable aspect to character creation and experience. It also allows a DM to scale their mutants to encounters with parties. A definite plus in my book. There are quite a few different mutations under the hood of this book and its nicely put together. Best of all its free and its handy. 
The book is slick enough with old school feel with a modern bent to its post apocalyptic goodness.
Basically it works like this :
Almost all beneficial mutations have a mutation score. Whenever you determine that a mutant has a mutation, roll 3d6 (alternately, if you want a higher-powered game, roll 4d6 and drop the lowest die) to determine the Mutation Score for that mutation.
 This quick system then goes into a pretty solid array of mutations and their uses. I love the weirdness associated with this approach. In the words of the author :
In addition to having ability scores, each mutant has a similar ability score for each mutation. This means that each mutation works somewhat differently depending on the mutation score, and also provides something that the mutant can enhance when leveling up.This provides yet another area of PC opportunity and experiencing for the mutant.
 All in all this is a pretty solid book for Mutant Future and adds another level of awesomeness to an already great retroclone. 

Mutant Omega

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