Monday, September 30, 2013

Which Literary Science Fiction Villain I'm I Ripping Off For My Space Tyrant NPC?

For a time Ming The Merciless owned the Eye of Amagotto. 
  1. This cybernetic warrior of olde clings to his religion and hides the bitter truths of his past. A semi tragic figure who is none the less a complete bastard. 
  2. A man of mystery from some Oriental style world who fancies himself a god and controls a vast criminal empire! 
  3. A small worldy despot who controls a country on a small planet in the SK system through superior technology. A dangerous and willful opponent whose ambitions knows no bounds. 
  4. This mutated semi divine god emperor controls a small corner of reality and is able to see into many universes at once. A real worm of a man and his empire depends upon his total control. 
  5. A total bastard of a CEO of a mega-corporation who controls all of reality but even he can not defeat Death and it is coming for him! Perhaps the aliens can extend his life if only he could find them. 
  6. A maker of androids and robots whose toys only have a four year life span. A man at the top of his pyramid whose ambitions have eclipsed his world. 
  7. A Space going vampire lord whose species is dying and who will do everything within his power to preserve them. 
  8. A spurred demi goddess who still pines for her god but has the power of the divine to add to her magic. She is a manipulator extraordinaire but there is a tinge of regret about her. 
  9. This mad, dangerous, titan strides among the stars and none shall stay his path. He is a lover of Death and controls many,many, dimensions as well as the souls of his followers. 
  10. A stone faced monster of a god whose work and work could be one of the very bowels of hell itself but he is the child of those who who have come before him. 
  11. A being of the power cosmic borne before this universe and beyond. An eater of worlds and maker of weapons as well as heralds. Not a being to be trifled with at all. 
  12. A monster god of interstellar proportions whose eyes open into the blackest hells of the lost universes and worlds. Capable of anything and beyond. 
  13. A thief, a stainless steel rat among the rabble of time, space, and lost dimensions. Lock up your daughters and your valuables. 
  14. A warrior striding down through the ages moving from place to place planet to planet. This psycho has bedded his own mother. 
  15. You shall knee before this despot god with super strength and the wisdom of the ages! All will kneel before me! 
  16. This messiah is on a crusade among the stars to lead humanity to its next evolutionary stage driven by a drug and his own divine right of success! 
  17. A time lost sorceress who has slept with her own brother created gods, destroyed kingdoms, and forged empires! She is the hand of gods and the plaything of fate as well as hell. A mage and psychic of the first order. 
  18. One of a race of immortals who turned on his fellows of godlike power this being hides on a low level world of fantasy until he can regain his power once again. 
  19. This bandage clad immortal lich from beyond the pail of mankind seeks to assent to godhood once again but is alone and seeks allies. He has a thing for cats. 
  20. This demon of the night, this lord of evil extends his rule over all undead and monsters but with the coming of dawn is lost once again to the world of Hell as well as eternal damnation! 


  1. Tough Ones! Off the top of my head, I got:

    1. Darth Vader
    4. Leto II
    6. Tyrell
    9. Thanos
    11. Darkseid
    12. Galactus
    13. "Slippery" Sam DiGriz
    15. General Zod

  2. Trey - yes on all of them you named!
    Jack - Yes you got those!
    16. Well that could apply to both him and Paul Atreides the first!

    Robert Parker - you got em sir!

  3. I had way too much fun with this list! Thanks to Jack from Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonsque for this wonderful idea BTW.
    Here they are folks!

    1. Ming the Merciless
    2. Darth Vader
    3. Dr.Doom
    4.Leto II
    6. Tyrell
    7. Rune
    8. The Enchantress
    9. Thanos
    10. The Lord of Time DC comics
    11. Darkseid
    12. Galactus
    13. Slippery" Sam DiGriz
    14. Lazarus Long
    15. Zod
    16. Paul Atraides or The Emperor From 40K
    17. Morgan Le Fay
    18. Morgoth from The Fellow Ship of the Ring 1954
    19. Mumm -Ra
    20. Chernobog from A Night on Bald Mountain and Russian Legend


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