Monday, September 9, 2013

New Blog on the Block - Fractalbat A lair for gaming, sci-fi, comics, and other geekish pursuits

So I got an email from Tom from the Fractalbat blog which is an OSR new word press blog on the block that I was unaware of. For the past couple of months Tom has been commenting and conversing with me through this blog. So I'd like to take a minute to give a shout back and say thanks. If you haven't checked out his blog, you can see it right over HERE 
I haven't had a whole lot of time lately to check out some of the other blogs I've been following over the last couple of years. Work has been kicking my butt lately and I've got a few side projects that have been sucking up my time.
 I'm very happy to see new folk make the plunge into OSR blogging. My advice is to keep at it. Find your niche and keep going.
 Game on folks!
 Thanks for all the comments Tom and take a minute to checkout his blog! 


  1. Thank you for the kind shout-out!

    I love the video. Way too much fun.

  2. You are welcome and its a great blog man. I'm glad you liked the video. And I will be keeping an eye on it. So there will be more to come.


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