Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Review and Commentary Irwin Allen's 'The Man From The 25th Century' For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

You can find it HERE
This was the pilot for 'The Man From The 25th Century'. This pilot is like something from a combination of Star Trek's Assignment Earth and a preparation for an alien invasion.
The film basically concerns James Darren's character who has been raised by the Planet Andros as the advanced scout for a alien invasion.
Robert Prentice has been trained by these large cranium aliens to be their advanced scout upon Earth except he has the sins of Pride and arrogance. He's been accepted into the ranks of 'Project Delphi'
and given a civilian identity.
This film pilot follows the usual tropes of an Irwin Allen production and I'm quite fond of his work.
You can read more about Allen right over HERE

This great little site goes into quite a bit more detail HERE

 Utilizing the Man From The 25th Century For Your Old School Games 

There is a ton of material that can be borrowed from the 'Man From 25th century'. There are the bald headed aliens who might be be another type of Metaluna refugees. Or they might be from the Mutant Future race known as the Master Minds via their  diabolical creator Tim Snider  HERE

The Mega dungeons of 'Project Dephi' looks pretty awesome and would make a great addition to the Mutant Future as a possible set of Lovecraftian style ruins.
Which Mega Corporation has a hand in the construction and maintenance of such a facility as 'Project Delphi'? Whomever they are and I do have theories would have to almost be the military someone whose got their hands on their own alien technology.
The Delphi Project might actually be its own mega corporation waiting to happen upon an unsuspecting post apocalyptic world. A vault into the future and the source of unspeakable evil waiting to unleash itself upon the world.
Perhaps this is might be an arm of the Pax organization I've talked about before. More on that in a future blog entry.

The set up looks very similar to Project Tick Tock and these massive alien looking ruins are perfect mockups for Krell style laboratories and weird technology abounding as the Earth fights to deal with the menace from Planet Andros. 

Level after level of hidden and sheer dangerous alien and government paranoia as well artifacts await the PC's as they being to deal with this strange and utterly bizarre mega dungeon. Perfect stuff for Mutant Future.
Vaults, levels, and weird 60's style colourful wonders await the PC's. This is a perfect environment to discover and encounter another great mutant menace or survivor issue waiting for the characters!
Could Project Delphi be somehow or some where connected with 'Project Tick Tock'?
You bet they could! 

There are a lot of unknowns connected with Project Delphi and Robert Prentice. A clever DM could exploit those holes to fill in what, who, and what they need to have waiting down in this creeptastic hole in the ground.

This is meant as a fan based piece of entertainment and in no way shape or form as a challenge to the holders of the copy right or trade marks of these properties. This is for entertainment purposes and the opinions expressed here are my fan based attitudes only. 


  1. Cool sets. I love the look of allen's stuff, and as a kid i was facinated with Land of the Giants as a kid.

  2. I was always fascinated by the amazing work of the 'Matt paintings' the great ones from this pilot were taken from This is perhaps one of my new favorite non gaming blog. Amazing artistry and work.
    I'm not the first to fascinated with Iriwin Allen's mega dungeons. Quite a few can be found right over here.
    Some of the ideas that were put forth in that blog have made their way into my campaigns over the last 2 years. Thanks for the comment and some amazing work of your own 'Meta Earth'.


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