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Free OSR Science Fantasy Adventure - Pyramid of Gorsh From Usherwood Publishing For Your Old School Space Opera or Science Fantasy Campaign

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  Pyramid of Gorsh From Usherwood Publishing is a seventeen page bare bones adventure that contains the remains of an alien undead tomb in the middle of a very weird desert on some barren nameless rock on a random part of the primal plane.
And that's really the beauty of it . This adventure can be placed anywhere, anywhen or and ported right into an existing campaign.
According to the Drivethrurpg description:
The Pyramid of Gorsh pits the adventurers against an unknown alien race within a mysterious, ancient pyramid.
Return with us to the good ‘ol days when ’plot’ was just a four-letter word that stood between you and the treasure.
Includes forms-activated GM Adventure Log (requires Adobe Reader 8.0 or later)

 Using the Pyramid of Gorsh For Your Old School Campaign Pyramid of Gorsh

Believe it or not this actually is a pretty interesting outline adventure for any old school space opera or science fantasy game. There is a pyramid with a bunch of middle school diagram maps that could be stocked with some really interesting monsters.  Given some time, preparation work, a decent copy of the original Advanced Dungeon Masters Guide this could be stocked as a great one shot module. You've got to a. Know that going in this a bare bones adventure and the writer didn't stock it or give much background. 
That's beauty of this one. You can adapt and over come its seeming faults with your favorite setting material.
There are some remains, alien mummies, a bit of treasure, and an attitude. That's about what your going to get but that's not a problem.
The Pyramid might be a time traveling space going wreck moving across the planes appearing here and there to play merry havoc with PCs.
This module can easily and I do mean easily appear as a cross over adventure in a Mutant Future setting along with Labyrinth Lord. The module's pyramid fits right into the Lovecraftian goodness of Carcosa(I see this one being placed in the Radioactive Desert and its environs) or as a small side adventure into the universe of X-plorers or Stars Without Number. 
Given the subject matter and a bit of History Channel Ancient Astronauts this one could pop up in  Star Ships and Space Men Second edition for a weekend pass from some alien Hell.
The module might with a bit of Osric magic port into a regular session as something different. Given the right audience this could be turned into a great one shot or weekend session encounter. Add in Arduin flavor for extra cheesy goodness and your ready to rock.
 Add this one onto a level of the Warden and you've got a bit of old school desert hell waiting to happen. Remember this one is bare bones.
The module a  Includes forms-activated GM Adventure Log (requires Adobe Reader 8.0 or later) is great added bonus allowing the customization factor to go up. I see a bit of potential in this one and I'll be running this one soon. 
 Yeah, yeah I've read some lousy reviews because I don't really think that the reviewers got the point. The module is billed as a throw back to  the writer's days in middle school when ridiculous adventures were the order of the day. That's the spirit at play here and its alright for what the adventure is supposed to do.
The point is to have fun. I like the stripped down, bare bones approach allowing a DM to DYI the heck out of this one. 

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