Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Random 'Which Literary Space Heroine I'm I Ripping Off Today' Table For My NPC Your Old School Space Opera

'Which Literary Space Heroine I'm I Ripping Off Today' Table 1d20 
  1. This incredibly dangerous space princess has both poise and the guts to put a Martian short sword right in your guts. She's also married to a very dangerous warlord from Earth. 
  2. This lady reporter is smart,dangerous, and always seems to get in over her head on Mongo. Seems mostly useless but is actually the brains of the party. 
  3. This former corporate heroine is dangerous, a bold space pilot, and very well versed in dying. She has a thing for Xenomorph species. 
  4. This lady has an incredible cybernetic ship that she is using to take down her former corporate employers. 
  5. This heroine is capable of moving through dimensions and is not adverse to cutting off your limbs. An 8th level fighter with a gladiator/slave companion. She's a universe ender. 
  6. This lady is a madam of the evening but is actually a well versed spy,assassin, and has an alien pet that gets jealous. 
  7. This former princess of Barsoom is married but capable of handling a sword, herself, and a flyer if necessary. 6th level fighter/3rd level rogue. 
  8. This android is a former pleasure bot that has been upgraded to 3rd level fighter. An adventuress of the first order. 
  9. This little lady is a 5th level thief known as the 'Nicky the Twist' she hangs with her adoptive father a retired 5th level space ranger. 
  10. This quick draw artist is as good with a blaster as a sword. She's a 4th level fighter and former lady of the evening. Mess with her and her wife might get jealous. Her wife is an assassin of the Galactic Order. 
  11. This alien/human hybrid is a clone of one of the other ladies on the list. She's very aggressive and has mildly acidic blood. 3rd level fighter and a wanted felon. 
  12. This former spoiled princess is a real daddy's girl and now married to an 8th level ranger. She's dedicated to taking down her lich lord planetary emperor. Where she is. Daddy is soon to follow. 
  13. This space princess is now a space pirate lord in her own right. She owns a space craft and crew of incredible power! She is a widow and a black one at that. 
  14. This former goddess is now a space rogue and sails the universe looking for her former lover. Always looking for new crews. 
  15. This lady is always on the run and protecting her son from nasty alien cybernetic organisms. Always looking for folks to help train him after all he's the savior of humanity. 
  16. This lady is now a rogue and space pirate. A former communications officer whose taken on a ship of her own. She's deadly, dangerous, and bad to know! 
  17. This former Canadian Cyborg is tough as nails but looking to upgrade into new opportunities.  
  18.  This intergalactic thief goes by the name Skeen and is not what she seems. A 7th level thief and rogue of the first order. Where are my star ship's keys? 
  19. No list of space opera heroines would be complete without Honor Harrington. That's all. 
  20. Commander  Suiza was made for command.  Too bad her superiors don't realize it. 7th level star ship Captain. 


  1. Hah, great list. Love #19.

    I could figure out a few of them, but not all. Will you be posting a list of 'answers' for us?

    Ed Green

  2. 1. Dejah Thoris
    2.Dale Arden
    3.The original Ripley
    4. A variation on 'The Ship Who Searched'
    5. C.J. Cherryh's Morgaine Saga
    6. From the 'Unexpected Dimension' 1960
    7. Llana of Gathol
    8. The novel version of Galaxina
    9. Nicky from 'Adventures In The Forbidden Zone'
    10. In Alien Flesh '88 novel
    11.Ripley from the 'Alien Resurrection' novel
    12. Aurora from Flash Gordon - Alex Raymond version
    13. Queen Emeraldas
    14.Guess - Classic anime and she's still in play! ;-)
    15. Space version of Sarah Conner
    16. Hammered by Elizabeth Bear
    17. Alternative timeline Uhura
    18. Skeen's Leap (Daw science fiction) by Jo Clayton
    19. Honor Harrington.
    20. The Serrano Legacy

    This is a list of actual heroines that I've used from time to time in my games. There are twists in here to keep the players guessing. The usefulness of the list hasn't been diminished in my mind. Thanks for the comment and more to come.


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